June 14, 2018

Minister Osborne Announces New Fraud Management Policy

The Provincial Government today announced a new Fraud Management Policy for core government employees, officers and contractors. The policy, which is now in effect, will assist departments in developing fraud management practices, including fraud prevention and detection as well as awareness of fraud risks.

When an organization is faced with fraudulent activity, it experiences significant direct loss as well as extra costs related to investigation, prosecution and management time. Such activity also affects the ability to efficiently deliver programs and establish partnerships in an effective manner.

Key elements of the new policy are:

  • A zero tolerance policy for fraud in any form;
  • A clear definition of fraud as any intentional act or omission designed to deceive others, resulting in a victim suffering a loss or the perpetrator achieving gain for themselves or a third party;
  • A consistent process for department staff to follow when alleged instances of fraud are reported or confirmed;
  • Mandatory fraud awareness training to ensure that all employees are aware of and understand government’s policy;
  • A person making a disclosure of known or suspected fraud has multiple options, including reporting to their immediate supervisor, their deputy minister or the Office of the Citizens’ Representative;
  • Departments are responsible for investigating all allegations of fraud in a timely manner. When the preliminary review finds sufficient evidence to support an allegation, a more detailed investigation will be required; and
  • All substantial allegations of fraud must be reported to the Auditor General by the impacted departments and to the Audit Committee through the Comptroller General.

The The policy will help employees and the public understand how government is addressing fraud while encouraging employees to actively participate in safeguarding the province’s resources.

“Fraudulent activity is a reality for all large organizations, and the Provincial Government is no exception. Our priority is to make certain that public funds are being treated responsibly, and that proper oversight is in place. With our new Fraud Management Policy, we are promoting a culture that will help safeguard government assets, funds and information from fraudulent activity.” /> Honourable Tom Osborne
Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board

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