Fisheries and Land Resources
October 18, 2018

Public Advisory: Public Reminded Not to Feed Wildlife Following Increased Fox Sightings in Cartwright

Fisheries and Land Resources officials remind the public not to feed wildlife or leave unsecured food or garbage where animals can access it following increased observations of foxes in the Cartwright area.

Unsecured food and dumping of garbage are typically the root cause of wildlife conflicts in human populated areas. There are existing prohibitions on dumping garbage in all areas outside of designated municipal waste disposal facilities.

Pet owners in Labrador are encouraged to vaccinate their pets following a positive rabies diagnosis in a fox recently killed in Rigolet. Pet owners, especially those living adjacent to wooded areas, are also advised to protect their animals by:

  • Ensuring there are no food attractants for wildlife; and
  • Keeping pets within fenced yards and dogs on a leash or under close supervision while off leash in public areas.

Any unusual behaviour in wild or domestic animals should be reported to conservation officers, wildlife enforcement officers, veterinarians, police or public health officials. Rabies education information is available at:

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