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May 31, 2018

Provincial Government Announces Sale of Salmon Licences

The Honourable Gerry Byrne, Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources, announced today that recreational salmon licences will become available to vendors for sale on the west coast and central Newfoundland on Monday, June 4. These regions are where in-river salmon runs are underway in the greatest number and current angling demand is highest.

Printing of licences is underway, with distribution occurring as licences are received by the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources. Licences will be available for purchase in other regions of the province and for non-residents in the coming days.

For the 2018 angling season only, all resident salmon licences will be sold for $5 plus HST instead of $23 (plus HST and a $3-vendors’ fee) charged in previous years. Vendors will retain the full amount of the $5-fee, minus remittance of HST. Non-resident licences will continue to cost $80 plus the revised $5-vendor fee.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has set retention quotas at one fish only per season – pending a mid-season review – with a catch-and-release limit of three fish per day for all rivers in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2018. To ensure conservation of the salmon resource, the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources has set a catch-and-release limit of 10 salmon per season per licence until DFO’s mid-season review in July.

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources is undertaking a Newfoundland and Labrador-specific study of catch-and-release angling and its impact on salmon mortality to ensure availability of the best possible science on which to base future catch-and-release specific regulations.

“Despite the problems created by DFO’s decision to issue a late management plan, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to ensuring anglers, outfitters and vendors get the most out of this year’s season. We are making every effort to ensure anglers maintain a strong and sustained presence on Newfoundland and Labrador’s rivers this summer to encourage conservation of this vital and valuable resource. My department is working to ensure this resource is managed based on the best science available, and that it upholds anglers’ established values of conservation.”
Honourable Gerry Byrne
Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources

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