Fisheries and Land Resources
April 30, 2018

The following statement was given today in the House of Assembly by the Honourable Gerry Byrne, Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources:

Extra Vigilance Required as Fire Season Begins in Parts of Province May 1

Mr. Speaker, the 2018 forest fire season will be in effect from May 1 to September 30 on the island of Newfoundland, and from May 15 to September 30 in Labrador.

The coming season is anticipated to be especially challenging for forest fires. With atypical conditions in many areas of the province, there may be an increased risk of wildfires in these areas.

Mr. Speaker, people cause about 80 per cent of forest fires. Residents should exercise extreme caution during spring burning and when using vehicles or forestry equipment near forested land. A permit to burn is required to burn brush on forested land or within 300 metres of forested land during this period. Free permits are available from forest management offices.

Once fire season begins, provincial fire danger maps will be posted and updated daily on our department website throughout the fire season. This will give people the ability to view daily fire indices in areas where they reside or plan to visit.

Mr. Speaker, as people begin enjoying the outdoor activities that come with warmer weather, I remind residents that we must all be extra vigilant to prevent wildfires from occurring.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

2018 04 30                              2:00 p.m.