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July 28, 2017

Minister Hawkins Provides Update on Major Road Work for 2017 Construction Season

Various road projects are underway across the province, with many more scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

The Five-Year Provincial Roads Plan, announced in January, was developed with input from industry, Department of Transportation and Works� engineers, and public consultation with motorists throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Under the plan, tenders are issued and awarded earlier in the year to enable contractors to take full advantage of the province�s short construction season.

Budget 2017 allocated $77.2 million for this year�s Provincial Roads Program.

The plan includes two innovative projects this year; a pilot project to test the effectiveness, safety and value of night time road construction, valued at $2.5 million, and a $3.7 million asphalt testing project, which will examine the asphalt specification best suited for the province�s climate and environment. Both projects will get underway in August.

In addition to projects in the Five-Year Provincial Roads Plan, other initiatives include work on the Team Gushue Highway, completion of the Sir Robert Bond Bridge, and continuing work on the Trans Labrador Highway.

For highlights of this year�s road projects, see the backgrounder below. The Five-Year Provincial Roads Plan can be viewed at PDF

�As the number of road construction projects increase, motorists are reminded to keep workers and other travellers safe by being patient, slowing down, being prepared to stop and driving safely when travelling through construction zones.�
Honourable Al Hawkins
Minister of Transportation and Works

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Crews work on upgrading and paving of Route 230A from George�s Brook to Route 230 � July 2017

Transportation and Works crews continue pothole patching with an asphalt recycler on Route 510, Trans-Labrador Highway between L'Anse au Clair and Forteau � July 2017.

Repairs are taking place to Southwest Brook Bridge on Burgeo Highway, Route 480 � July 2017.

Work is continuing on Team Gushue Highway extension near Old Pennywell Road and Capt. Whelan Drive as crews dig a trench for an electrical conduit in the highway�s median � July 2017.

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Transportation and Works
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Road Projects Taking Place This Construction Season

Projects underway include:

  • Replacing of Clam Brook Bridge on Route 210, Burin Peninsula.
  • Upgrading and repaving sections of Route 210, Burin Peninsula Highway
  • Replacing of LaManche River Bridge, Route 10
  • Pulverizing and paving sections of Route 100-17 and Route 100, Cape Shore Highway
  • Repairing Southeast Brook Bridge, Route 100-10
  • Repairing Old Bay Bulls Overpass, Route 2
  • Repairing Southwest Brook Bridge and Pete Strides Bridge, Route 480
  • Replacing culverts and repaving 10 kilometres of Route 490, Stephenville Access Road
  • Resurfacing sections of Route 230 near Clarenville Airstrip
  • Paving Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Lodge Bay
  • Replacing culverts and ditching on White Bay South Highway, Route 420
  • Upgrading roads and ditching on North Shore Highway, Route 440, and South Shore Highway, Route 450
  • Repairing Peter Stride�s Bridge and Southwest Brook Bridge, Burgeo Highway, Route 480
  • Replacing culverts on Baie Verte Highway, Route 410
  • Repaving bridge decks of Victoria Bridge and Salmon Cove Bridge, Conception Bay North Highway, Route 70

Projects beginning in the coming days and weeks include:

  • Repaving sections of Route 2, Pitt�s Memorial Drive, and Topsail Road Overpass of Outer Ring Road
  • Repaving sections of the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) between St. John�s and Whitbourne
  • Repaving sections of Route 75, Veteran�s Memorial Highway
  • Repaving sections of Route 3, Robert E. Howlett Memorial Drive
  • Repaving sections of the TCH between Sir Robert Bond Bridge and Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Upgrading and repaving of various sections of Route 230, Bonavista Peninsula Highway
  • Mill and fill various sections along 75 kilometres of the TCH between Whitbourne and Goobies.
  • Constructing of a six-lane overpass on Team Gushue Highway over Topsail Road.
  • Repaving of Route 460, Whites Road
  • Asphalt levelling and paving various sections of Route 430, Northern Peninsula
  • Asphalt levelling various sections of Route 510, Labrador

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