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July 26, 2017

Public advisory: MV Legionnaire to Enter Service at Bell Island � Portugal Cove July 31

Ramp repairs to the MV Legionnaire are nearing completion with the vessel scheduled to begin service at Bell Island � Portugal Cove late afternoon on Monday, July 31.
Prior to the start of service, the vessel will undergo trial runs and docking exercises beginning Friday, July 28.

The Legionnaire will join the MV Flanders on the service. A new operating schedule for the two vessels, as recommended by the ferry committee and accepted by the Department of Transportation and Works will be in effect on Monday, July 31 for the 3:30 crossing from Bell Island. The schedule is provided below and can also be found at

Residents of Bell Island and all travelers are advised that given the size and nature of the Legionnaire, loading and unloading times will increase and to expect an adjustment period as everyone adapts to the new vessel.

Bell Island � Portugal Cove Ferry Service
Two Vessel Schedule

Monday to Friday
Depart Bell IslandDepart Portugal Cove
5:30 AM������ Legionnaire6:05 AM��� Legionnaire
6:50 AM������ Legionnaire7:30 AM��� Legionnaire
7:50 AM������ Flanders8:30 AM*� Flanders
8:15 AM������ Legionnaire9:00 AM��� Legionnaire
9:10 AM������ Flanders9:50 AM��� Flanders
9:45 AM������ Legionnaire10:30 AM� Legionnaire
10:30 AM *� Flanders11:10 AM�� Flanders
11:50 AM���� Flanders12:30 PM�� Flanders
12:30 PM���� Legionnaire1:15 PM���� Legionnaire
2:00 PM������ Legionnaire2:45 PM���� Legionnaire
2:45 PM������ Flanders
3:30 PM������ Legionnaire4:20 PM����� Legionnaire
5:00 PM������ Legionnaire5:00 PM����� Flanders
5:45 PM������ Flanders5:45 PM����� Legionnaire
6:30 PM����� Legionnaire6:30 PM����� Flanders
7:15 PM����� Flanders7:55 PM����� Legionnaire
8:15 PM����� Flanders
8:45 PM������ Flanders9:20 PM����� Flanders
10:00 PM���� Flanders10:40 PM��� Flanders

* Dangerous Goods run each Tuesday � Maximum 25 Passengers

Depart Bell IslandDepart Portugal Cove
6:50 AM������ Legionnaire7:35 AM��� Legionnaire
8:20 AM������ Legionnaire9:05 AM��� Legionnaire
9:50 AM������ Legionnaire10:35 AM� Legionnaire
11:20 AM���� Legionnaire12:05 PM�� Legionnaire
12:05 PM���� Flanders12:50 PM�� Flanders
1:35 PM������ Flanders2:20 PM���� Flanders
2:20 PM������ Legionnaire3:00 PM���� Legionnaire
3:05 PM����� �Flanders3:50 PM���� Flanders
3:50 PM������ Legionnaire4:35 PM����� Legionnaire
4:35 PM������ Flanders5:20 PM����� Flanders
5:20 PM����� Legionnaire6:05 PM����� Legionnaire
6:50 PM����� Legionnaire7:35 PM����� Legionnaire
8:10 PM����� Flanders8:50 PM����� Flanders
9:25 PM������ Flanders10:00 PM��� Flanders
10:40 PM���� Flanders11:25 PM��� Flanders
Depart Bell IslandDepart Portugal Cove
6:50 AM������ Flanders7:35 AM� ��Flanders
8:20 AM������ Flanders9:05 AM��� Flanders
9:50 AM������ Flanders10:35 AM� Flanders
11:20 AM���� Flanders12:05 PM�� Flanders
12:05 PM���� Legionnaire12:50 PM�� Legionnaire
1:35 PM������ Legionnaire2:20 PM���� Legionnaire
3:05 PM������ Legionnaire4:00 PM���� Legionnaire
4:00 PM������ Flanders4:45 PM���� Flanders
4:45 PM������ Legionnaire5:30 PM����� Legionnaire
5:25 PM������ Flanders6:05 PM����� Flanders
6:10 PM����� Legionnaire
6:50 PM����� Flanders7:35 PM����� Flanders
8:00 PM����� Legionnaire
8:10 PM������ Flanders8:50 PM����� Flanders
10:00 PM���� Flanders10:40 PM��� Flanders

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