Transportation and Works
July 17, 2017

Dust Suppression Review Identified $250,000 in Savings

The Provincial Government has allocated $450,000 for dust suppression on approximately 191 kilometres of gravel roads throughout Newfoundland and Labrador this year.

Tenders for 1.17 million litres of liquid calcium chloride were awarded to Sel Warwick Inc. and Innovative Surface Solutions Canada.

Gravel roads make up almost 18 per cent of the 10,000 kilometres of roads throughout the province. For further details, please see backgrounder below.

In 2016, the department identified savings of approximately $250,000 by having the liquid calcium chloride used to suppress dust applied by the department’s brine tankers and staff rather than contracting out the work. The same practice is being used this year.

Through Budget 2017, $77.2 million has been allocated for the Provincial Roads Program this year, which includes road repair, maintenance and construction, brush clearing and dust suppression.

“The Department of Transportation and Works’ dust suppression program improves safety and enhances visibility for motorists travelling on gravel roads. This work is now underway or has been completed in communities throughout the province through the resources of the department, delivering important services more efficiently.”
Honourable Al Hawkins
Minister of Transportation and Works

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Transportation and Works
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List of Roads to Receive Dust Suppression Treatment – Summer 2017




Tower Road
Carmel Reese's Road
Fitzpatrick's Road
Moore's Road
Kent's Road
Lahey Road
Hiscock's Hill
Bickford Ville Road # 1
Bickford Ville Road # 2
Bickford Ville Road # 3
Parson's Road
Bell Road
Simms Road
Ryans Lane, Marysvale
Ryans Road, Marysvale
Moriaritys Road, Marysvale
Lush's Road, Marysvale
Upshall's Road, Brigus Junction
Old Brigus Jct Road, Brigus Junction
Track Road, Brigus Junction
New Line Road, Colliers
Paddy Hyde's Lane, Tors Cove
Ballfield Road, Burnt Cove
Beachy Cove Road, Tors Cove
Lamanche Road, Lamanche
Long Run Road, Cape Broyle
Benmore's Road, Cape Broyle
Benmore's Road, Admiral's Cove
Admiral's Cove Rd. Ext., Admiral's Cove
North Side, Riverhead
Mall Bay Road, Riverhead
Mall Bay Road, Mall Bay
Southside Road, Mall Bay
South Side, North Harbour
Markland Road, Markland
Old Road North, Great Barasway
Merrigan's Road, Great Barasway
Harley Road, Blaketown
Ballfield Road, Dildo
Pumphouse Road, Dildo
Gosse's Road, Dildo
Viking Place, Dildo
Pretty's Lane, Dildo
Elford's Road, Dildo
Woodrow Reid's Road, Dildo
Lockyer's Road, Dildo
George's Road, Dildo
Newhook's Road, Dildo
Backside Road,  Dildo
Charl Woodman's Lane, (Road) New Harbour
Harold Woodman's Road, New Harbour
Pleamon Higdon's Road, New Harbour
Allan George's Road, New Harbour
Church Road, New Harbour
Thorne's Road ( Extension), New Harbour
Cumby's Road, Hopeall
Perry's Road, Hopeall
Gilbert's Road, Hopeall
Pitcher's Road, Hopeall
Brace's Road, Green's Harbour
Green's Lane, Green's Harbour
March's Road, Green's Harbour
Jake's Lane, Green's Harbour
Simmon's Road, Green's Harbour
George Brace's Road, Green's Harbour
Simmon's Lane, Green's Harbour
Glover Road, Green's Harbour
Mill Road, Green's Harbour
Old Hopeall Road, Green's Harbour
Placentia Loop Road, Rte 100-10
Hodge Water Line
Beaver Pond Road, Roaches Line
Goulds Ridge Road, Roaches Line
Old Bareneed Road
Lighthouse Road, Port De Grave
Old Trinity South Road, Cavendish
Pinch Road, Cavendish
Track Road, Cavendish
Post Office Road, Cavendish
Beach Road, Cavendish
Old Trinity Shore Highway, Cavendish
Turks Cove Road, Turks Cove
Coates Road, Turks Cove
S.W. Path, New Chelsea
Lodge Road, New Chelsea
Beligum Road, New Chelsea
Harris Road, New Chelsea
Big Hill Road, New Chelsea
Pond Road, New Chelsea
Hands Road, New Chelsea
Old Highway, New Chelsea
Buttons Road, New Melbourne
Goodwins Road, New Melbourne
Driscoll's Road, New Melbourne
School Road, New Melbourne
Barrett's Road, New Melbourne
Cemetary Road, New Melbourne
Rowe's Road, Brownsdale
Hopkins Road, Brownsdale
Cemetery Road, Brownsdale
March's Road, Brownsdale
Church Road, Brownsdale
Bank Road, Brownsdale
Western (Pond) Path, Brownsdale
Squires Road #1, Sibleys Cove
Squires Road #2, Sibleys Cove
Eddy's Road, Sibleys Cove
Button's Road, Sibleys Cove
Pryer's  Road, Sibleys Cove
Torquay Road, Sibleys Cove
Pond Road, Sibleys Cove
Sparke's Road #1, Sibleys Cove
Sparke's Road #2, Sibleys Cove
Eddy's Hill  Road, Sibleys Cove

Sparke's Road East,, Sibleys Cove
Cemetary Road , Sibleys Cove
Gadden's Marsh Road, Carbonear
Ambrose Young's Road, Carbonear
Flat Rock Road, Freshwater
Plank Road, Freshwater
Parson's Road, Freshwater
Butt's Road, Freshwater
King's Road, Freshwater
Old Spout Cove Road, Perry's Cove
Pond Road, Perry's Cove
Kings Road, Perry's Cove
Swains Road, Perry's Cove
Stones Hill Road, Red Head Cove
Kehoes Road, Red Head Cove
Post Office Road, Red Head Cove
Long Drung Road, Grates Cove
Slipway Road, Grates Cove
Church Drung Road, Grates Cove
Daniel's Cove Road, Grates Cove
Daniel's Cove Road, Old Perlican
Sailor's Road, Caplin Cove
Power's Road, Caplin Cove
Wharf Road, Caplin Cove
Reynold's Road, Caplin Cove
Blundon's Square Road, Caplin Cove
Island Cove Hill, Caplin Cove
Lodging Hill Road, Caplin Cove
Valley Road, Caplin Cove
Burseys Road, Caplin Cove
Burntwood's  Road, Lower Island Cove
Burntwood's Access, Lower Island Cove
Track Road, Lower Is. Cove
Critchs Road, Lower Is. Cove
Cemetery Road, Lower Is. Cove
Square Road, Lower Is. Cove
Mount Road, Lower Is. Cove
Station Road, Lower Is. Cove
Mines Road, Lower Is. Cove
Redlands Road, Lower Is. Cove
Pigs Trough, Lower Island Cove
Gulley Hill Road, Lower Island Cove
Dogberry Hill Road, Lower Island Cove
Dogberry Hill Cres., Lower Island Cove
Frank Leshanes Road, Lower Island Cove
Tacks Marsh Road, Lower Island Cove
Leah Wheelers Road, Lower Island Cove
Mac Morris Road, Lower Island Cove
Fagner's Road, Lower Island Cove
Emberleys Road, Lower Island Cove
Knapmans Road, Lower Island Cove
Hudsons Road, Lower Island Cove
Ron Snelgroves Road, Lower Island Cove
Fred Garlands Road, Lower Island Cove
Peter Burseys Road, Lower Island Cove
Colbert's Road, Job's Cove
Redlands Road, Jobs Cove
Pottles Road, Jobs Cove
Murphy's Road, Jobs Cove
Wattle's Hill, Jobs Cove
English's Road, Jobs Cove
Rixons Road, Jobs Cove
Ameys Hole Road, Jobs Cove
Bren Milley's Road, Burnt Point
Long Marsh Road, Burnt Point
Mouse Hole Road, Burnt Point
Grove Road, Burnt Point
Doyles Lane Extension, Gull Island
Olivers Road, Gull Island
Olivers Road #2, Gull Island
Ridge Road Extension, Gull Island
Bruce Oliver's Road, Northern Bay
Woodrows Road, Northern Bay
Moores Lane, Northern Bay
Traffic Road Ext, Northern Bay
Old Highway, Northern Bay
Station Road, Ochre Pit Cove
Roses Road, Ochre Pit Cove
Kielley's Road, Ochre Pit Cove
Arch Path, Ochre Pit Cove
Black Drung Road, Ochre Pit Cove
Southside Rd Ext-Bradley's Cove,Western Bay
Taylor's Road, Western Bay Line Road
Paddock's Road, Western Bay
Slade's Road, Western Bay
Reids Road, Western Bay
Station Road, Western Bay
Sellars Road, Western Bay
River Road, Western Bay
Farm Road Extension, Western Bay
MacDonalds Road, Western Bay
Clarkes, Road, Western Bay
Wilcox's Road, Western Bay
Caribou Road, Western Bay
Fitzgerald's Road, Western Bay
Hogan's Road, Western Bay
Puddister's Road, Western Road
Marsh Road, Kingston


Port Blandford
Brown's Road
Morley's Siding
Open Hall
Red Cliff
Tickle Cove
Southern Bay
Clay Cove
St. Chad's
Little Heart's Ease
Hodge's Cove
Butter Cove
Queen's Cove
Long Beach
Swift Current
Lockston Path Road

Trinity East
Champney's  West
Champney's  East
English Harbour
Lance Cove Road
George's Brook
Harcourt Road
Slate Quarry Road in Burgoynes Cove
Hickman's Harbour
Deep Bight
Come By Chance Road
Old Mill Road
Penny's Road, Bloomfield
Princeton (by Pond)
Plate Cove East
Penny's Cove
Clay Cove (Shalloway Cove)
Shoal Cove
Hayward's Cove
Dock Cove
School Road
Department Roads - St. Brendan's Island


Main Road, Sheppardville
Grocery Road, Sheppardville
1 St Lane, Sheppardville
Stellar Store Road, Sheppardville
Farm Road, Burnt Berry
New Bay,  Wooddale
Tilt Cove Road, Tilt Cove
Salvation Army Road, Virgin Arm
Wheeler's Road, Virgin Arm
Chapel's Road, Hillgrade (First 0.20 km)
Newville Loop Rd, Hillgrade (Sections, 0.5 km)
Chinn's Road, Hillgrade
Keef's Road, Hillgrade
Rodgers Cove Local Road, Cobb's Arm
Cutler's Road, Cobb's Arm
Cobb's Arm Local Road, Cobb's Arm
Bown's Road, Herring Neck
Goshen's Road, Herring Neck
Long Liner Hill, Salt Harbour
Howell's Road, Salt Harbour
Smart's Road, Salt Harbour
Miles Road, Salt Harbour
Lewis King's Road, Salt Harbour
Black Duck Cove Road, Twillingate
Purcell's Harbour Wharf Rd., Purcells Hr.
Wilson Harvey's Road, Virgin Arm
Lodge Road, Tizzards Harbour
French's Point Rd, Tizzards Hr (sections)
Lock's Road, Tizzards Harbour
Stan Burt's Road, Carters Cove
Esau Ings Road, Carters Cove
Farr's Road, Carters Cove
Borden's Road, Carters Cove
Scott's Hill, Carter's Cove
Wharf Road, Chanceport
Hayward's Cove, Valleypond (0.20 Gravel)
Taylor's Room Road, Moreton's Harbour
Loop Road, Moreton's HarbourSmall's Road, Moreton's Harbour
tore Road, Stoneville

Buddens Road, Victoria Cove
School Road, Victoria Cove
Roy Gillingham's Road, Clarke's Head
Bauld's Road # 2 Clarke's Head
Gillingham's Road, Clarke's Head (Alder Lane)
Loop Road, Clarke's Head
Coastal Wharf Road, Clarke's Head
Bauld's Road # 1, Clarke's Head
Blake's Road, George's Point
Gillingham's Road, George's Point
Hodder's Road, George's Point
Thompson's Road, Main Point
Simm's Road, Davidsville
Godwin's Road, Davidsville
Line Road, Davidsville  (Sections)
Rex Hodder's,  Davidsville
Cecil Wheaton's Road, Frederickton
One Way Road, Frederickton
Boyd Wheaton's Road, Frederickton
Lionel Wheaton's Road, Frederickton
Paul  Wheaton's Road, Frederickton
Bayview Road, Noggin Cove
Coastal Wharf Road, Seldom
Osmond's Road, Shoal Bay
Burnt Point Rd, Seldom
Purbecks Cove Road, Purbecks Cove
Lee Pittman's Road, Purbecks Cove
Purbecks Cove Road, Westport
Layden's Road, Michael's Harbour
Station Road
Club Road, St Albans



Boom Siding (Little Rapids)
Eastern Brook (Pasadena)
Wild Bight
Boat Harbour
Bear Cove East Main Road
Deadmans Cove Loop Road
Stanley Genge's Road, Deadman's Cove
St. Julien's


Lodge Bay - Department Roads
Mary's Harbour - Department Roads
Mary's Harbour - Council Roads
Cartwright - Council Roads
St. Lewis - Department Roads
Port Hope Simpson - Department Roads
Charlottetown - Department Roads
Paradise River - Department Roads
Cartwright - Department Roads


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