Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
May 9, 2017

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner - Report A-2017-013 Released

The Information and Privacy Commissioner, Donovan Molloy, has released his Report A-2017-013 under authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. A summary of the Report is included below.

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Summary: The Department of Transportation and Works (the “Department”) received an access request seeking disclosure of all correspondence between the Provincial Government, two named individuals and the Third Party. The correspondence was identified by the Applicant as “all correspondence and emails exchanged…requesting an increase to the floor space,” at a specific location. The Department was prepared to provide access to the information with only minimal redactions based on section 40 (disclosure harmful to personal privacy), however, the Third Party filed a complaint with this Office objecting to some of the information being released based on section 39 (disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party) and section 31 (disclosure harmful to law enforcement). The Commissioner found that the Third Party was not entitled to rely on section 31 and had not met the test for section 39 and recommended that the information be disclosed.

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Donovan Molloy, Q.C.
Information and Privacy Commissioner

2017 05 09                              11:45 a.m.