Municipal Affairs and Environment
November 1, 2017

Provincial Government to Evaluate Implementation of Waste Management Strategy

The Provincial Government announced today that it is issuing two Requests for Proposals to evaluate the current implementation plan within the Provincial Waste Management Strategy. The results of the work will be used to ensure that the strategy is being implemented in a modern, efficient and cost-effective manner.

The first Request for Proposals is a call for professional services to provide an operational and financial analysis of the waste management systems in the province.

The second Request for Proposals is a call for professional services to assess potential solid waste management technologies that will support the goals and objectives of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy. In advance of making future investments in waste management, the Provincial Government is seeking to evaluate the feasibility of applying alternative waste management technologies within the province.

To date, approximately $180 million has been invested into numerous waste management infrastructure projects province-wide. The Provincial Waste Management Strategy was released in 2002 and broad implementation commenced in 2008. The Provincial Government has committed to provide 100 per cent of capital costs for eligible projects.

“Through our government’s vision for The Way Forward, we are improving services for residents, communities, and businesses across the province. By ensuring that we are implementing the Provincial Waste Management Strategy in an efficient, modern, and cost-effective manner, we will be improving services and creating a healthy and prosperous province.”
Honourable Eddie Joyce
Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment

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