Municipal Affairs and Environment
October 5, 2017

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

The Honourable Eddie Joyce, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.


Crown Zone 5 Five-Year Operating Plan Lake Ambrose North Amendment (2016-2020)             (Reg. 1930)
Proponent: Department of Fisheries and Land Resources

The proponent has submitted an amendment to the Crown Zone 5 Forest Management Five-Year Operating Plan (2016-2020). The proposed amendment is for the creation of a new spring harvest block (CC12033) in District 12 at Lake Ambrose North. The amendment includes widening the road right-of-way inside the new harvest area. The district�s sustainable harvest level will not be exceeded by the amendment and will be balanced by reduced harvesting elsewhere.

The undertaking was registered on October 5, 2017; the deadline for public comments is November 9, 2017; and the minister�s decision is due by November 19, 2017.

Wabush Scully Mine Reactivation                     (Reg.1931)
Proponent: Tacora Resources Inc.

The proponent proposes to reactivate the Scully iron ore mine and mill near the Town of Wabush in Labrador West. Operations at the Scully Mine were curtailed in 2014 and idled in 2015. After reactivation, the proponent proposes to operate the existing facility for a minimum of 15 years at an expected annual production rate of 6.25 million metric tonnes once fully operational. The ore deposit covers an area of approximately 23 square kilometres. The major components of the mine reactivation include: open pit dewatering, site infrastructure reactivation, concentrator equipment repair and improvement, open pit mine preparation, and commencement of mining and beneficiation.

The undertaking was registered on October 3, 2017; the deadline for public comments is November 9, 2017; and the minister�s decision is due by November 17, 2017.

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