Municipal Affairs and Environment
June 29, 2017

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

The Honourable Eddie Joyce, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.

UNDERTAKING REGISTERED:                     (Reg. 1900)

Deadwater Brook Agriculture Development
Proponent: Department of Fisheries and Land Resources

The proponent plans to complete a pilot project involving a large scale land development with the objective of offering agriculture leases that are more advanced in their productive capacity and readiness. The objective will enable new entrants to the farming industry to become profitable earlier in their operations. The project involves two parcels of land totalling 154 hectares located 20 kilometres north of Deer Lake and within the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources Agricultural Area of Interest.

The undertaking was registered on June 29, 2017; the deadline for public comments is August 3, 2017; and the minister’s decision is due by August 12, 2017.


Colinet-Rocky River Zip Line and Adventure Park                     (Reg. 1752)
Proponent: Trevor Linehan

In August 2014 the minister provided the environmental preview report (EPR) guidelines to the proponent for the preparation of an environment preview report. The minister has advised the proponent that the EPR submitted for review for this project is deficient and that another EPR is required to address the information deficiencies which include, but are not limited to: a market analysis for the development of the park; a description of all the land parcels to be used for the park; the land use agreement with the regional development association; and the construction and planning details for the infrastructure, trails and zip line towers. Additional information is available at:


Health Science Centre Berm                     (Reg. 1887)
Proponent: Eastern Health

The minister has advised the proponent that an environmental preview report (EPR) is required for the project. The EPR is necessary to provide additional information demonstrating the potential changes to the flood plain and flood plain extents as a result of the berm, and to identify the potential effects of the berm on nearby buildings, infrastructure and developments under construction. An environmental assessment committee will be appointed to provide scientific and technical advice to the minister, and guidance regarding the information requirements to the proponent. The minister will issue guidelines to the proponent to assist with the development of the EPR. The public will be invited to provide comments on the EPR upon its submission. For further information on this project, please contact Joanne Sweeney, at (709) 729-2822 or email


Doyles Quarry Extension                     (Reg. 1884)
Proponent: Jeremy’s Construction Ltd.

Little Lawn Harbour Quarry                     (Reg. 1877)
Proponent: Cox’s Construction Ltd.

Project is released subject to the following conditions:

  • Prior to commencing any work related to this project, a site drainage plan, including information requirements pursuant to the Water Resources Act, SNL2002 cW-4.01 and its regulations and policies, must be prepared and submitted to the Water Resources Management Division for review and approval. This plan shall be submitted at the time of applying to obtain a water use licence and a permit for any work (e.g. culvert) near or in any body of water (including wetlands). Application forms for permits and licences, fee schedules, and guidelines are available at:
  • To minimize habitat disturbance to birds and small mammals, any necessary vegetation clearing or excessive noise should be undertaken outside of the nesting, breeding and brood rearing period (May to mid-July), when disturbance would be most critical.
  • A minimum 30 metres naturally vegetated buffer must be maintained along all waterbodies and wetlands to protect sensitive riparian and aquatic species, and their habitat.

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