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April 4, 2017

Public Advisory: Safety Tips Following Heavy Snowfall

The Provincial Government is continuing to work with municipalities and emergency management partners to offer support following recent extreme weather conditions and snowfall in eastern and central regions of the province.

The Department of Transportation and Works advises that there has been a significant amount of snowfall and high winds in the central and eastern regions and crews are working to clear routes as quickly as possible. The department has also contracted private snow clearing services to assist.

The department reminds people to stay home if they don’t have to travel, as heavy snow can lead to stranded vehicles, which can impede snow clearing and create safety hazards.

Updates on road conditions are provided three times a day at

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment, Fire and Emergency Services (FES) would like to advise residents and business owners of some safety tips when clearing snow from properties.

  • After a snowfall, ensure the exhaust vents for dryers, furnaces, fireplaces and air exchangers are clear;
  • All windows and doors should be cleared of snow as these are escape routes in case of a fire;
  • Never try to thaw frozen pipes with a blow torch, welding machine or open flame;
  • Only use hot water or a certified device such as a handheld dryer for thawing;
  • All exits of a business, municipal building and recreation facility must be accessible and free of ice and snow; and
  • All emergency exits must open freely with a path cleared to an open space such as a road or parking lot.

Municipalities are reminded to consult and utilize their emergency management plans where necessary.

Information regarding general emergency preparedness is available at .

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