Justice and Public Safety
May 17, 2017

Minister Parsons Announces Drug Treatment Court for St. John’s

The Department of Justice and Public Safety is pleased to announce a Drug Treatment Court pilot project in St. John’s. The new court, which is expected to open in 2018, is intended for offenders with serious drug addictions, who commit non-violent, drug-motivated offences.

The pilot project comes after the conclusion of a Drug Treatment Court Feasibility Study, which can be found online at www.justice.gov.nl.ca/just/publications/drug_treatment_court_rpt.pdf PDF

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is eligible for federal funding for the court under the Drug Treatment Court Funding Program, which is a partnership between the Departments of Justice Canada and Health Canada.

Drug Treatment Courts aim to reduce the number of crimes committed to support drug addictions. The court will bring together treatment services for substance abuse and the criminal justice system to deal more effectively with the drug-addicted offenders.

These courts offer court-monitored treatment, random and frequent drug testing, incentives and sanctions, clinical case management and social services support. This problem-solving approach offers an alternative to traditional criminal justice responses by addressing the underlying problems that contribute to crime.

“Our government recognizes the need to take an innovative and healing approach to our justice system. Our goal is to provide court-monitored treatment that promotes the health and social well-being of drug-addicted offenders. A Drug Treatment Court is good for everyone. It reduces the risk of reoffending, enhances public safety and reduces reliance on social services.”
Honourable Andrew Parsons
Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Attorney General

“The title of the report is an Opportunity for Hope. Now that we see the wave of drug addiction issues, and related criminal problems, we can find hope in addressing the real problem that being, addictions and how people can be helped in dealing with them.”
John Duggan
Co-Chair of Advisory Committee and private practice lawyer

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Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Drug Treatment Court Feasibility Study – www.justice.gov.nl.ca/just/publications/drug_treatment_court_rpt.pdf PDF

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John Duggan
Co-Chair, Drug Treatment Court Feasibility Study

2017 05 17                              10:05 a.m.