Fisheries and Land Resources
July 31, 2017

Public Advisory: Residents Asked to Remove Outdoor Bird Feeders

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, Animal Health Division, is reminding residents that outdoor bird feeders should be removed during the summer to reduce transmission of Avian Trichomoniasis.

Sick and dying songbirds are being seen throughout the island of Newfoundland for the second consecutive year. Preliminary testing at the Canadian Wildlife Health Co-operative’s laboratory suggests the presence of Avian Trichomoniasis (Frounce).

Avian Trichomoniasis interferes with the bird’s ability eat and swallow. Affected birds lose weight, are weak and sometimes have food material adhered to the feathers around the face.

The parasite is spread in bird seed that is regurgitated by sick birds and accumulates where birds are feeding. Bird feeders often become contaminated with the parasite.

Bird feeders should be disinfected with a 10 per cent bleach solution and replaced in late fall for winter.

More information on Avian Trichomoniasis is available at:

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