Executive Council
May 26, 2017

First Indigenous Leaders Roundtable Advances Mutual Goals of Indigenous Communities and Provincial Government

The first ever Indigenous Leaders Roundtable provided a new forum through which Indigenous Governments and Organizations can make progress on matters of common interest with the Provincial Government. The Federal Government was also invited to the roundtable given its Constitutional responsibilities for Indigenous people. This roundtable included:

  • The release of a “What We Heard” document summarizing Provincial Government consultations of provincial Indigenous governments and organizations respecting the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (The What We Heard document (www.gov.nl.ca/iias/publications/What_We_Hear_May2017.pdf PDF ) and the letter sent to the Chief Commissioner of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls(www.gov.nl.ca/iias/publications/Letter_re_What_We_Heard.pdf PDF)‎;
  • An exploration of the Atlantic Growth Strategy and opportunities for indigenous Governments and Organizations to engage;
  • A discussion of specific recommendations from the All-Party Committee on Mental Health and Addictions with respect to Indigenous people and communities; and
  • A discussion of progress to date on the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

In addition, the roundtable discussed a declaration signed by Nunatsiavut Government, Innu Nation, NunatuKavut Community Council, Miawpukek First Nation, and Qalipu First Nation in support for the repatriation of the remains of Beothuk individuals held by National Museums Scotland.

Indigenous Governments and Organizations will be invited by the Provincial Government to engage in another Indigenous Leaders Roundtable in 2018, with ongoing engagement to take place bilaterally and collectively amongst senior officials to advance matters of importance. A list of Indigenous Governments and Organizations that participated in the roundtable can be found in the backgrounder that follows.

The Indigenous Leaders Roundtable is an initiative of The Way Forward: A Vision for Sustainability and Growth in Newfoundland and Labrador. The vision guides Provincial Government actions to achieve greater efficiency, strengthen the province's economic foundation, enhance services, and improve outcomes to promote a healthy and prosperous province.

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Premier Ball joined provincial Indigenous Leaders and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Communities Yvonne Jones for the first ever Indigenous Leaders Roundtable

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Indigenous Governments and Organizations Participating in the First Indigenous Leaders Roundtable

Nunatsiavut Government
Innu Nation
NunatuKavut Community Council
Miawpukek First Nation
Qalipu First Nation
Mi’kmaq First Nations Assembly of Newfoundland
Flat Bay Indian Band
St. John’s Native Friendship Centre
Labrador Friendship Centre
Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network
AnânauKatiget Tumingit Regional Inuit Women’s Association

2017 05 26                              3:40 p.m.