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April 12, 2016

Promoting Inclusion and Self Expression

Legislative Amendment Respects Rights of Transgender Individuals

A legislative amendment to the Vital Statistics Act, 2009 will undergo second reading in the House of Assembly today. The amendment will remove the requirement for an individual to undergo sex reassignment surgery prior to changing the gender marker on the individual�s birth registration or marriage registration. The amendment will bring provincial law into compliance with an order issued by a Board of Inquiry established by the provincial Human Rights Commission, and respond to changes requested by LGBTQ advocates.

�Our government is pleased to bring forward this amendment, which addresses this important issue, and brings provincial law in line with similar changes that have taken place in five other jurisdictions across Canada. This is a positive development that respects the rights of transgendered individuals from Newfoundland and Labrador, and we appreciate the important role played by LGBTQ advocates who sought this change.�
- The Honourable Eddie Joyce, Minister of Service NL

Service NL has had a revised application process in place to accommodate individuals seeking a gender marker change since the Board of Inquiry order was issued at the end of last year. In keeping with practices in other jurisdictions, applicants must provide a declaration stating they have assumed, and intend to maintain, the gender identity that corresponds with their application. Applicants must also provide a supporting statement from a medical practitioner, psychologist, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or social worker that confirms that the gender designation being applied for is consistent with the gender with which the individual identifies.

More information on the process for applying for a change of sex designation can be found at:


  • A legislative amendment received second reading in the House of Assembly today that will remove the requirement for an individual to undergo sex reassignment surgery in order to change the sex designation listed on his or her birth and/or marriage registration.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador joins Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia in making changes to facilitate a change of sex designation on birth certificates and marriage registrations without need of surgery.
  • For more information on changing sex designation, or to download an application form, visit

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