Finance - 2012

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January 6
Provincial Government Releases 2010-11 Audited Financial Statements
Pre-Budget Consultations to Begin

January 13
Public Advisory: Pre-Budget Consultations in Labrador Rescheduled for February 2

January 18
Public Advisory: Location for Burin Pre-Budget Consultation Confirmed

January 25
Minister of Finance Responds to Auditor General�s Report

January 26
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Business Development Summit


February 28
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Institute of Chartered Accountants


March 1
Ninety-two Per Cent of Auditor General Recommendations Acted On

March 6
Minister Calls on Opposition Leader to Get His Facts Straight

March 20
Amendment to Act Allows for Easier Access to Disability Saving Plans
Volunteer Firefighters� Tax Credit Recognizes Vital Service

March 21
Support for Small Business Remains Strong

March 22
Kruger, Unions Encouraged to Work Together to Secure Future of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper

March 29
Media Advisory: Minister to Comment on Federal Budget


April 3
Budget 2012 to be Delivered April 24

April 17
Media Advisory: Budget 2012 Media Lock-In

April 24
Budget 2012: People and Prosperity � Responsible Investments for a Secure Future
A Prosperous Economy and Renewable Energy Future Fueled by Budget 2012

April 25
Media Advisory: Minister to Address St. John�s Board of Trade

April 27
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Corner Brook Board of Trade


May 2
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Investment Regulatory Group
Ministerial Statement - Parental Benefits Program Continues to Support Newfoundland and Labrador Families

May 9
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce

May 17
Public Encouraged to Participate in Core Mandate Analysis

May 18
New Government Cheques Contain Enhanced Security Features


June 7
Ministerial Statement - Home Heating Rebate Continues to Assist with Rising Energy Costs

June 18
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Arnold�s Cove Chamber of Commerce


August 13
Province Once Again Receives �A� Rating from Credit Agency

August 17
Media Advisory: Minister to Comment on Muskrat Falls


October 11
Media Advisory: Premier and Ministers to Hold News Conference
Provincial Government Holds Firm, Secures $150 Million in Hebron Dispute


November 13
Seniors� Benefit Program Stronger than Ever

November 16
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Corner Brook Board of Trade


December 3
Provincial Government Announces Home Heating Rebate Details

December 13
Media Advisory: Minister to Provide Fall Financial Update
Mid-Year Financial Update Released; Government Remains Focused on Long-term Fiscal Stability

December 14
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meeting of Finance Ministers

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