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Fisheries and Aquaculture
June 8, 2011

Cod Recovery Strategy Helping to Build Strong Future for Fishing Industry

The Provincial Government is continuing to support fisheries science research with ongoing funding of the Cod Recovery Strategy. Since 2006, many projects have been funded under the strategy. Budget 2011 Standing Strong: For Prosperity. For Our Future. For Newfoundland and Labrador, allocated $450,000 to continue this investment in cod stock research. Projects for this year are now being developed and reviewed, and will be approved throughout the year.

“It is very important to our fishing industry that we continue to fund the innovative fisheries research projects that are being conducted in this province,” said the Honourable Clyde Jackman, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture. “These projects will help ensure a positive future for this industry. By giving our scientists and biologists the resources to do the necessary research, we are contributing to our knowledge and understanding of fish stocks around Newfoundland and Labrador. This is invaluable to the sustainable management of our industry.”

A number of projects focused on cod research have been funded through the Cod Recovery Strategy and several collaborations have been initiated since the beginning of the program in 2006, with almost $2 million in total funding allocated to the program to date.

“Fisheries science research continues to be a Provincial Government priority,” said Minister Jackman. “Partnerships with academia, industry, the scientific community and others will continue in order to enhance fisheries research and stewardship in our province. As well, the focus of the research will continue to be expanded to include other pelagic, shellfish and groundfish species.”

The Cod Recovery Strategy funding for fisheries research is in addition to the $14 million announced for fisheries science and applied fisheries research in July 2010.

For information on successful fisheries research projects that have been funded by the strategy to date, please see the backgrounder below.

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Provincial Government Continuing to Fund Cod Recovery Strategy

Smith Sound Acoustic Surveys
The Smith Sound Acoustic Surveys, carried out by Dr. George Rose, received $250,000 since 2006 to continue the monitoring of cod, using acoustic transects and sample collection in Smith Sound, Trinity Bay. This research provides information on the distribution, growth, health and movement of inshore cod populations.

Northern Cod Research
Funding of $320,000 has been allocated since 2006 for a project of Fisheries and Oceans Canada on Northern cod research. The near shore cod survey, carried out in consultation with the Fish, Food and Allied Workers, measures the amount and distribution of Northern cod in the area between the offshore banks and the inshore bays.

Gulf of St. Lawrence Cod Science Projects
The amount of $275,000 has been allocated toward research on cod in the Gulf of St. Lawrence from 2006 to date. The projects, done in conjunction with the Fish, Food and Allied Workers and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, focused on studying the reproductive potential, condition and area distribution of Northern Gulf cod stock.

Fisheries Stewardship Program
Since 2007, the Provincial Government has provided over $200,000 toward the Fisheries Stewardship Program. It was developed by the Fish, Food and Allied Workers to promote integrated fisheries management, which provides harvesters with an opportunity to participate in activities that help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the fishing industry.

Fisheries Improvement Project
The Fisheries Improvement Project with the World Wildlife Fund has received a contribution of $50,000. This project focuses on ensuring the long-term sustainable management of 3Ps cod, including compliance with the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Redfish/Cod Species Identification Project
The Provincial Government has contributed $25,000 toward a Redfish/Cod Species Identification Project, a joint project of the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The project obtained information on the distribution and identification of the redfish population off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Fisheries Closures Study: Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
A total of $55,000 was contributed to the Fisheries Closures Study: Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Project since 2009. This project combined measuring and modelling existing data on the effects of fishing closures on habitat and fish stocks, and studied the implementation and management closures and policies relevant to them.

Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research Projects
In Budget 2010, $120,000 was contributed toward projects pertaining to cod stock identification, tagging and acoustic analysis. These projects will be carried out by the Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research and will provide information on stock structure and migration patterns of cod. The acoustic analysis will identify and classify cod, capelin and other species. This funding is in addition to the $11.75 million allocated for the centre as part of the $14 million in funding for fisheries science and applied research that was announced in July 2010.

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