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Health and Community Services
November 12, 2010

Funding to Upgrade Long-Term Care Beds in Twillingate

The Provincial Government will invest an additional $68,000 in the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre in Twillingate to renovate several resident long-term care rooms and washrooms. In early October over $1.2 million was announced for equipment and repairs for the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre, New World Island Health Centre, Fogo Island Health Centre, and the Change Islands Health Centre.

"Improving our health care facilities continues to be a top priority for the Williams Government," said the Honourable Jerome Kennedy, Minister of Health and Community Services. "Upgrading long-term care resident rooms in the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre is one of several initiatives we have committed to improving throughout the province. These renovations will help bring a little piece of home and comfort to the residents in this facility."

The renovations to the rooms will consist of new blinds, screens, closet units, general painting, and cosmetic upgrades. Washrooms will also be upgraded for wheelchair accessibility.

The Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre has 17 acute care and 32 long-term care beds. Other services include primary acute inpatient; emergency and outpatient services; basic laboratory and x-ray services; ultrasound; and, long-term residential accommodations for people with high care needs.

"I am delighted to see more investment in health care at Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre," said Derrick Dalley, MHA for The Isles of Notre Dame. "These investments will improve the living and working conditions in the long—term care facility and help to enhance health care delivery which is important for long-term care residents, their families and health care providers. This initiative is another example of our government's commitment to support health care in the Isles of Notre Dame area."

"Long-term care services are an integral part of the service continuum for older adults in Central Newfoundland," said Karen McGrath, CEO, Central Health. "These improvements in Twillingate are an example of how we work with the Department of Health and Community Services to upgrade our long-term care environments and ultimately improve the care that we provide."

Budget 2010: The Right Investments — For Our Children and Our Future provided an investment of $208.9 million for health care infrastructure throughout the province, including investments in new construction, redevelopment of existing facilities, purchase of new medical equipment and repairs and maintenance. Since 2003-04 approximately $3.9 million has been invested in this area of the province for equipment, repairs and renovations.

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