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August 20, 2009

Hodge�s Cove to Receive New Fire Truck

The Southwest Arm Fire Department and the Local Service District of Hodge�s Cove will receive a new tanker truck through the Municipal Capital Works Program. The Provincial Government will contribute 90 per cent of the approximate $240,000 cost from a $1.7 million allocation for fire equipment in 2009-10.

"The Provincial Government is pleased to approve this application for the Southwest Arm Fire Department," said the Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister Responsible for Fire and Emergency Services - Newfoundland and Labrador. "This will improve water carrying and pumping capacity as a primary firefighting unit for the region enhancing fire protection for the various towns the department serves. The provision of regional fire protection services is important throughout Newfoundland and Labrador because it allows neighbouring communities the ability to pool both human and financial resources, and equipment and infrastructure."

The new truck will be cost-shared at a 90/10 ratio between the province and the Local Service District of Hodge�s Cove. The Provincial Government will contribute $206,443, while Hodge�s Cove will add $22,938. Including the utilization of a GST rebate of $10,619, the total cost of the truck is approximately $240,000. The new tanker will serve the communities of Long Beach to Southport.

"I want to commend these communities for identifying in advance the need for a new fire truck for the region and subsequently fundraising for their portion of its acquisition," said the Honourable Ross Wiseman, MHA for the District of Trinity North. "Over the past year we have solicited tremendous support from the partnering communities with the Southwest Arm Fire Department and from the Provincial Government to make this truck a reality. I am quite proud of the outcome of their application."

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Media contacts:

Bradley Power
Public Relations Specialist
Fire and Emergency Services �Newfoundland and Labrador
709-729-0857, 697-5216
Chick Cholock
Executive Assistant for Hon.Ross Wiseman, MHA, Trinity North

2009 08 20                                                      10:20 a.m.

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