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Municipal Affairs
June 24, 2009

Northern Peninsula Regional Service Authority Granted New Operational Responsibilities

The Northern Peninsula Regional Service Authority (NorPen) has been granted approval to operate the Straits Volunteer Regional Fire Department, which will be facilitated by a $232,000 investment by the Provincial Government. This move extends the responsibilities of NorPen to include fire protection services, in addition to waste management for the region which it currently manages.

"We were pleased to negotiate a financial arrangement to secure the operations of fire services, and will allow NorPen to more effectively operate the Straits Fire Department," said the Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Municipal Affairs. "This effort is a wonderful example of how working together to explore regional service opportunities can allow for service improvements without compromising community identity."

The Straits Volunteer Regional Fire Department will continue to operate from Flower�s Cove, and provide fire services for residents of Anchor Point to Eddies Cove East, affecting 740 households and 65 business properties which will be covered by the new arrangement for fire protection.

"The Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board is very pleased to be given the opportunity to provide an effective fire services program to residents of Anchor Point to Eddies Cove East," said Doug Mills, Chair of NorPen. "We are looking forward to working with government, communities and the existing fire department on this regional activity."

"This is a win-win situation," said Keith Billiard, Chair of the Straits Fire Department. "This arrangement will mean that the loan on our fire truck will be paid off, the fire hall will be completed and much needed essential equipment will be purchased. The most important aspect will be the efficient and effective collection of fire protection fees to ensure the sustainability of the fire department for the future."

In April 2008, the Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board�s (NorPen) boundary was expanded to encompass towns, local services districts and unincorporated areas north of River of Ponds. This move was in support of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy which expanded NorPen�s waste management authority into the Straits area and will result in three existing waste sites being consolidated into one site to more effectively manage waste disposal in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner.

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Media contacts:

Heather MacLean
Director of Communications
Department of Municipal Affairs
709-729-1983, 697-4137
Doug Mills
Chair, Northern Peninsula Regional Service Authority
Keith Billiard
Chair, Straits Volunteer Regional Fire Department

2009 06 24                                                    12:15 p.m.

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