Municipal Affairs
January 14, 2009

Towns to Receive New Fire Response Vehicles

The Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister Responsible for Fire and Emergency Services � Newfoundland and Labrador, announced today that the Towns of Burlington, Grand Bank, Norris Arm and St. Paul�s will receive funding for new fire trucks and response vehicles through the 2008-09 Municipal Capital Works Program.

"As a government, we believe strongly in providing the necessary resources that ensure efficient and effective delivery of fire protection service within our communities," said Minister Whalen. "We recognize fire departments throughout the province need new equipment to uphold a required level of safety and security for residents and firefighters and we are making significant progress in this regard. This year�s fire truck allocations are indeed a clear sign of the importance placed by our government on this essential municipal service."

Each community will utilize the new 90/10 cost-share ratio earmarked for communities with populations less than 3,000. This arrangement will see the Provincial Government provide $662,336 and the municipalities contribute $107,664. The total cost of the new trucks will reach $770,000.

"With over 40 applications for funding received this fiscal year, it was important our government utilize the allotted funding in a manner that would provide the greatest benefit for residents throughout the province," said Minister Whalen. "Through a more effective tendering process, we have been able to purchase more trucks due to cost savings associated with larger orders. This will align future truck acquisitions in a manner that provides the best value for our investment."

President Richard Murphy of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Fire Services is pleased with this announcement. "The age and condition of firefighting equipment, especially in the rural areas is a real concern for us. We have been encouraging government for a long time to take a serious look at the equipment, with the view that funding has to be made available for replacement. This is indeed good news," said Mr. Murphy. "As the minister has stated on previous occasions, there is much to be done and this announcement is indicative of her commitment to move things along in an expedient manner. On behalf of the fire departments receiving funding, a heartfelt thanks."

Through the Municipal Capital Works program, the Provincial Government has spent in excess of $1.9 million towards fire equipment in 2008-09. The total expenditure including municipal contributions will amount to $2.24 million.

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Media contacts:

Bradley Power
Public Relations Specialist
Fire and Emergency Services � Newfoundland and Labrador
709-729-0857, 697-5216
Richard Murphy
President, Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Fire Services


2008-09 Municipal Capital Works Expenditures on Fire Equipment


Truck Design

Provincial Contribution

Municipal Contribution**

Total Project Cost

Cost Share Ratio

Badger Pumper $215,044 $34,956 $250,000 90/10
Burlington* Modified Pickup $103,221 $16,779 $120,000 90/10
Gambo Pumper $215,044 $34,956 $250,000 90/10
Grand Bank* Rescue Unit $111,823 $18,177 $130,000 90/10
Hermitage-Sandyville Pumper $189,239 $30,761 $220,000 90/10
Irishtown-Summerside Pumper $215,044 $34,956 $250,000 90/10
Norris Arm* Pumper $223,646 $36,354 $260,000 90/10
St. Anthony Pumper $215,044 $34,956 $250,000 90/10
St. Paul�s* Pumper $223,646 $36,354 $260,000 90/10
Whitbourne Pumper $215,044 $34,956 $250,000 90/10

* Indicate new announcements
** Indicates the GST rebate is included in the amount

2009 01 14                                                    10:15 a.m.

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