Environment and Conservation
May 25, 2009

Update on Permits Issued Under the Endangered Species Act

In accordance with Section 20 of the Endangered Species Act, the Honourable Clyde Jackman, acting Minister of Environment and Conservation, today provided an update on the number of permits that have been issued under the act since 2004. A total of 13 permits have been issued, with the majority based on research activities.

"Research is a necessary component when it comes to any of our threatened or endangered species," said Minister Jackman. "The research activities that are carried out under these permits assist in the management and recovery of the listed species, and continued interest helps to strengthen our commitment to species recovery in the province."

Twelve research permits were issued for Long�s braya, Fernald�s braya and barrens willow, which are plants that grow on the limestone barrens of the Northern Peninsula. These permits also included the piping plover, a shorebird that nests and feeds along coastal sand and gravel beaches, as well as the woodland caribou in Labrador.

A possession permit was given to Memorial University of Newfoundland for a mount of the Newfoundland pine marten that is being used for educational purposes. The Newfoundland marten is a genetically distinct population of the more widely distributed American marten and is one of only 14 native land mammals on the island.

"It is important to note that any of our listed species were not put at further risk as a result of the permits," said Minister Jackman. "We are committed to protecting and preserving any species deemed to be at risk, and research provides us with the valuable information we need for sound decision making around sustainability."

For further information on permitting under the Endangered Species Act, or any aspect of species at risk management and recovery, please contact the Endangered Species and Biodiversity Program at 709-637-2026.

The details of the permits that were issued under the act are available at www.gov.nl.ca/env/wildlife/wildatrisk/esa_permits.htm

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Media contact:
Melony O�Neill
Director of Communications
Department of Environment and Conservation
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2009 05 25                                                     10:15 a.m.

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