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Executive Council
April 29, 2009

Ready, Set, Vote! Changes Announced for Upcoming School Board Elections

The election of school trustees for the province's four district school boards will take a new approach this coming fall, with increased funding and a renewed focus on building candidate and voter participation. The Honourable Darin King, Minister of Education announced the new process today, which will be supported by the Williams Government's $400,000 allocation for school board elections in Budget 2009.

"School board trustees are an important part of our school communities and the overall education system of the province," said Minister King. "Trustees are part of decision-making in areas that directly affect students and individual schools. As such, we want to make every effort to ensure a successful election process that will encourage individuals to put their names forward for these positions, and entice more people to take part in the democratic process of choosing their trustees."

The next school board election is scheduled for November 3, 2009. This date is later than previous elections, which have traditionally been held the same time as municipal elections in September. The later date allows for greater engagement of individuals and school communities, which has proven difficult given that many people are away during the summer months leading into the election date.

"As election time draws near, it is vital that people make the choice to get involved by volunteering their time and effort for the betterment of our communities," said the Honourable Dave Denine, Minister Responsible for the Volunteer and Non-Profit Sector. "Positions such as school trustees are essential to the social fabric of the province. The benefit a person gets from their involvement in the community far outweighs the number of hours that need to be invested to have a positive impact."

Polling stations will be established in locations that will help ensure ease of voting in each election zone such as schools and other community buildings. The elections will be conducted by the school districts with support from the Newfoundland and Labrador School Boards Association (NLSBA) and Department of Education.

Thomas Kendall, President of the NLSBA stated, "The future of our families, our communities and our province lies in the hands of the students in our public education system. By becoming involved with the direction and governance of this system, we can help ensure the province's youth have the fundamental skills to grow into productive, self-fulfilled citizens of tomorrow. On behalf of the four school districts, I urge everyone interested to consider seeking a nomination, getting involved in the election, debating the issues and casting a ballot next November."

The changes outlined will help focus public attention on the trustee elections and will be supported by a public awareness campaign aimed at attracting potential candidates, as well as increasing overall participation. In addition, the campaign will seek to increase the number of female trustees, as a means to establish greater gender balance reflective of the overall population.

"I am confident that the changes we are introducing, coupled with the additional financial support allocated in this year's budget, will result in a successful trustee election this coming fall," said Minister King. "I encourage everyone to start thinking now about putting their name forward for trustee, as a way to promote community involvement and support our children and youth. I also ask all individuals to mark November 3 on their calendars and to take note of information that will be coming forward over the next several months. Voting will be as easy as a visit to a school or community building. Don't miss the opportunity to participate and choose the individuals who will make decisions on your behalf."

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Director of Communications
Department of Education
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Communications Specialist
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Executive Director
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2009 04 29                                   10:45 a.m.

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