Transportation and Works - 2008

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January 9
Media Advisory: Ministers to Address Road Builders/Heavy Civil Association

January 10
Provincial Government Announces Record Roads Funding

January 15
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Service Coming to an End

January 16
Media Advisory: Minister to Officially Open Marine Services Branch in Lewisporte

January 17
Minister Officially Opens New Marine Services Branch in Lewisporte

January 18
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Service Schedule Update

January 25
Government Reviewing Building Site in Labrador City


February 1
Minister Announces Schedule for 2008 Labrador Marine Coastal Service

February 20
Government Invests Almost $2.5 Million in Isles of Notre Dame Roads

February 21
One Million Dollars En Route to Port au Port Roads

February 22
Roads in Burin-Placentia West to Receive $2 Million Upgrade
Media Advisory: Premier and Ministers to Attend Team Newfoundland and Labrador Send-Off

February 25
New Bridge and Better Road Ahead for Humber Valley

February 27
Almost $3 Million Destined for Roads in The Straits-White Bay North

February 28
Media Advisory: Minister Whalen to Speak at Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour Women’s Conference
Government Invests More Than $1 Million in Port de Grave Area Roads

February 29
Government Enforcing Safety Measures on Provincial Ferries
Government Invests $1.5 Million in Grand Falls-Windsor-Green Bay South Roads


March 4
Millions Targeted for Roads in Labrador West

March 5
$2.5 Million En Route for Roads in Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune

March 6
Media Advisory: Minister to Make Announcement Regarding Stephenville Arts and Culture Centre
Over $2 Million on the Way for Road Infrastructure in Burgeo-La Poile
Media Advisory: Notice of Changes to Events in Stephenville

March 7
Ferryland Area Roads Receive $2 Million in Improvements

March 10
$1.5 Million in Road Improvements for Bonavista South

March 11
Over $2 Million Destined for Roads in Trinity-Bay de Verde

March 12
Better Driving Conditions Ahead for Grand Bank Area

March 13
Millions in Store for Roads in Carbonear - Harbour Grace Region
Media Advisory: Announcement Regarding Stephenville Arts and Culture Centre

March 14
Better Bridges and Roads Bound for St. George’s-Stephenville East
Government Provides $700,000 Facelift to Stephenville Arts and Culture Centre
Provincial Government Gearing Up for Widening and Paving of Trans Labrador Highway

March 18
Roads in the Lewisporte Area to Receive Over $2 Million in Upgrades

March 19
Significant Road Improvements Destined for the Placentia-St. Mary’s Region

March 20
Millions En Route for Bonavista North and Gander Area Roads

March 24
Bay of Islands Region to Receive Over $2 Million in Road Improvements

March 25
Significant Road Improvements on the Way for Cape St. Francis Area
Marine Atlantic Best Served by Newfoundland and Labrador President

March 27
Government to Invest $1.5 Million in Cartwright-L'Anse Au Clair Roads



April 1
Road Repairs on the Way to St. John’s

April 7
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry En Route to Straits
Media Advisory: Minister Travelling to Ottawa for National Transportation Meetings

April 11
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Service Update

April 14
Public Advisory: Update on the Straits Ferry Service

April 15
Nearly $2 Million Set Aside on Roads in Exploits Area

April 16
Public Advisory: Update on Straits Ferry Service

April 17
Public Advisory: Update on Apollo Ferry Service

April 18
Motorists Asked to Slow Down as Work Underway on Outer Ring Road
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Service On Hold

April 23
Media Advisory: Significant Infrastructure Announcement

April 24
Provincial and Federal Governments Sign $350 Million Infrastructure Agreement

April 28
St. Barbe Area Can Look Forward to Better Driving Conditions

April 29
Unprecedented Investment of $673 Million Enhances and Restores Provincial Infrastructure

April 30
Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans Area to Receive $2 Million in Road Improvements

Government Invests $1 Million in Lake Melville Area Roads
Public Advisory: Median Lanes Closed on Outer Ring Road


May 1
Better Driving Awaits Motorists in the Harbour Main Region
Roads in the Conception Bay South Region Get Upgraded

May 2
Improved Roads on the Way for the Kilbride Area

May 5
West Coast Drivers Latest to Benefit from Road Improvements

May 6
Government Invests $2 Million on Conception Bay East and Bell Island Area Roads

May 7
Terra Nova Area Roads Receive $2 Million Boost
Trinity North Region to Benefit from $3 Million in Road Work

May 8
Bellevue Area Latest to Benefit from Provincial Roads Program

May 9
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Town of Paradise Municipal Awards Banquet
Half a Million Dollars Earmarked for Road Improvements in the Topsail Area

May 12
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate in Demonstration of Rumble Strips

May 13
Provincial Government Investing Millions to Make Roads Safer

May 15
High-Tech Company Offers Safety Solution to Parents of Teenage Drivers
Significant Road Improvements Headed for the Baie Verte-Springdale Area
Ministerial Statement - Provincial Roads Improvement Program

May 30
Labrador Marine Service to Commence Next Week


June 9
Media Advisory: Major Infrastructure Announcement

June 10
Provincial Government Awards $50.5 Million Contract to Build New Ferries

June 12
Province Expresses Disappointment Over Latest Marine Atlantic Cost Increase


July 11
Minister to Visit Labrador and View Construction of Trans Labrador Highway

July 16
Media Advisory: Ministers to Survey Construction of Trans Labrador Highway

July 31
Progress Being Made on New Corner Brook Hospital


August 15
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate in Road-Naming Ceremony

August 16
Public Advisory: Trans Canada Highway Between Towns of Gander and Gambo Re-Opened

August 17
Public Advisory: Trans Canada Highway Reduced to One Lane
Public Advisory: Trans Canada Highway Closed

August 18
Media Advisory: Minister to View Highway Damage Near Gambo
Public Advisory: Trans Canada Highway to Re-Open to Two Lanes

August 28
Provincial Roads Program Nearing Finish Line


September 4
Media Advisory: Minister to Officially Open Nicholsville Bridge

September 5
Government Fulfills Commitment with Opening of Nicholsville Bridge

New Hospital and College Proceeding on Proposed Site in Labrador West

September 9
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Atlantic Transportation Meetings

September 15
Transportation Minister Says Colleagues Share Concerns Regarding Marine Atlantic
Public Advisory: Closure Dates for Labrador Shipping Season Released

September 24
Public Advisory: Bell Island Ferry Involved in RCMP Training Exercise

September 29
Media Advisory: Grand Concourse Authority Funding Presentation

September 30
Highway Safety Award Recognizes a Reduction in Highway Fatalities

Grand Concourse Authority Benefits From Significant Government Funding


October 22
Public Advisory: Provincial Government Website and IT Services to be Impacted by Scheduled Power Outage

October 24
Fraser Institute Report Regarding Provincial Transportation System Flawed

October 27
Media Advisory: News Conference Regarding Snow Clearing Pilot Project

October 28
Provincial Government Launching 24-Hour Snow Clearing Pilot Project



November 7
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultation in Plum Point

November 18
Media Advisory: Ministers Attend Events for National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims

November 19
Wreaths Placed at Provincial Weigh Scales to Honour Road Crash Victims



December 3
Public Advisory: Christmas Lights Across Canada Ceremony
Public Advisory: Closure of Big Brook Bridge Announced

December 4
Media Advisory: Province�s New Snow-Clearing Equipment on Display
Ministerial Statement - Christmas Lights across Canada Begins Tonight at Confederation Building

December 5
Snow Means Slow When Driving In Winter

December 12
Energy Efficiency Programming Assists Homeowners Reduce Heating Costs

December 15
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Atlantic Infrastructure Conference

December 17
Provincial and Federal Government Discuss Means to Stimulate Economy

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