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July 31, 2008

Progress Being Made on New Corner Brook Hospital

The Provincial Government is moving forward with plans to build a new hospital in Corner Brook with the announcement today that AMEC of St. John�s has been hired to undertake site investigation.

The Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Transportation and Works, said AMEC will consult with the City of Corner Brook to identify prospective sites for a new hospital to replace Western Memorial Regional Hospital.

�With the search for a new hospital site for Corner Brook now underway, the Williams Government is once again demonstrating its commitment to revitalize provincial infrastructure and make sound investments in health care,� said Minister Whalen.

The Honourable Premier Danny Williams, MHA for Humber West, says by bringing a new hospital for the region a step closer to fruition, the Provincial Government�s commitment to improving the state of health care cannot be denied.

�We are pleased to move forward with our Budget 2008 commitment for planning and site selection for this new health care facility,� said Premier Williams. �A new hospital is of vital importance to the people of Corner Brook and the entire west coast of the province and we look forward to completion of this next step.�

The Honourable Tom Marshall, MHA for Humber East, says today�s news is an important stage in the process.

�This government clearly recognizes that investment in a new hospital is the most prudent approach to deliver the best health care possible for the people of the region,� said Minister Marshall.

Terry Loder, MHA for Bay of Islands, says the announcement is welcomed news.

�I�m happy to inform the people of my district that this government is making some tangible progress in the process of building a new hospital in Corner Brook,� said Mr. Loder.

In Budget 2008, the Provincial Government invested $673 million in infrastructure, including over $112 million in health care facilities. This is the third year of the Williams Government�s unprecedented, six-year infrastructure strategy, now valued at over $3 billion. The strategy is expected to generate an average of 6,500 person years of employment each year.

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2008 07 31                                      4:25 p.m.

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