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May 8, 2008

Bellevue Area Latest to Benefit from Provincial Roads Program

Repairs to bridges and culverts underscore $2.5 million in road work destined for the Bellevue region this construction season. The Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Transportation and Works, made the announcement today under the $73 million Provincial Roads Improvement Program, part of Budget 2008.

"This year�s provincial roads funding is an excellent example of the Williams Government�s steadfast commitment to strategic investment in transportation infrastructure," said Minister Whalen. "I�m proud to say this government is investing in roads like none other in the province�s history."

Road work planned for the Bellevue area is:

  • Rehabilitate Sugar Loaf River Bridge, Route 212;
  • Rehabilitate Terrenceville Brook Bridge, Route 211;
  • Replace two culverts at Little Harbour, Route 2-1-01;
  • Repair two culverts at Sunnyside;
  • Upgrade and pave a section of Route 201-10 in Chapel Arm;
  • Upgrade and pave roads in the community of Bellevue;
  • Resurface sections of Route 201 between Long Cove and Bellevue, including the community of Thornlea; and,
  • Various maintenance patches on Fairhaven Road.
  • "This year's funding of $2.5 million recognizes the need for road repairs in the Bellevue area," said Bellevue MHA Calvin Peach. "It shows a commitment by the Williams Government to the residents of the region, and concern for the safety of motorists travelling our roads."

    The Provincial Roads Improvement Program will create an estimated 1,400 person years of employment and is part of the Provincial Government�s infrastructure strategy, valued at more than $3 billion. A total of $375 million will be invested in provincial transportation infrastructure improvements, associated expenditures, public buildings and water bombers this year, including $91.8 million in cost-shared agreements.

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    Media contact:
    David Salter
    Director of Communications
    Department of Transportation and Works
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    2008 05 08                                                 11:25 a.m.


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