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May 7, 2008

Trinity North Region to Benefit from $3 Million in Road Work

The investment of $3 million in the Trinity North area will result in significant upgrades to roads this construction season. The Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Transportation and Works, made the announcement today, under the Provincial Roads Improvement Program.

"The Provincial Roads Improvement Program is a tremendous opportunity for this government to make the necessary upgrades to roads throughout the province," said Minister Whalen. "This unprecedented funding, which was announced earlier this year as part of Budget 2008, allows us to provide reliable roads for residents and tourists alike."

The planned road work for the Trinity North area is:

  • Replace Black River Bridge in Northwest Brook with a panel type bridge;
  • Rut repairs on the Trans-Canada Highway, Goobies to Thorburn Lake;
  • Remove retaining wall in Hodge�s Cove, widen rock cuts at Little Heart�s Ease and Southport, upgrade Route 204-17 and Route 204-18 at Butter Cove, and turnaround construction at Hickman�s Harbour, a continuation of 2007 work;
  • Pave Route 231-16-1 from Lilly Pond Bridge to Route 231-16 and a section of Route 231-16, preparatory work completed in 2007;
  • Resurface Route 231 from Hickman�s Harbour to the Britannia intersection; and,
  • Resurface section of Route 231 from the Elliott�s Cove intersection towards Hickman�s Harbour.
  • In addition to funding under the Provincial Roads Improvement Program, the province and the Federal Government will cost share $2.5 million, on a 50-50 basis, to resurface a section of the Trans-Canada Highway, from Manitoba Drive, in Clarenville to Thorburn Lake.

    "This latest investment by our government in road upgrades for this region is a substantial one," said the Honourable Ross Wiseman, MHA for Trinity North. "It will result in an improved driving experience for residents of my district as well as for the many tourists from our province and beyond who will vacation in the area in the coming months."

    The Provincial Roads Improvement Program will create an estimated 1,400 person years of employment and is part of the Provincial Government�s infrastructure strategy, valued at more than $3 billion. A total of $375 million will be invested in provincial transportation infrastructure improvements, associated expenditures, public buildings and water bombers this year, including $91.8 million in cost-shared agreements.

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    Media contact:
    David Salter
    Director of Communications
    Department of Transportation and Works
    709-729-3015, 691-3577

    2008 05 07                                                  11:55 a.m.


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