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March 14, 2008

Better Bridges and Roads Bound for St. George�s-Stephenville East

Bridges in the St. George�s-Stephenville East area will receive significant funding from the 2008-09 Provincial Roads Improvement Program.

The Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Transportation and Works, announced today that the Provincial Government will invest $4 million in the area as part of the $73 million roads improvement program.

"Bridge and road improvements will make driving in these communities safer and more enjoyable for residents, the business community and tourists," said Minister Whalen. "This is another example of this government�s commitment to building better transportation infrastructure and better rural communities."

Road work planned for St. George�s-Stephenville East includes:

  • Replace expansion joints, Grand Codroy River Bridge;
  • Rehabilitate Broom Brook Bridge, Route 406;
  • Replace Flat Bay Brook Bridge, TCH;
  • Resurface Steel Mountain Road; and,
  • Resurface Route 461 from Gut Bridge on Route 490 to Route 460.

"Again this year St. George�s-Stephenville East will see unparalleled investments through the Provincial Roads Improvement Program," said the Honourable Joan Burke, MHA for St. George�s-Stephenville East. "I am especially pleased to see a combination of road resurfacing outlined as priorities in my district transportation committee�s five-year-plan and additional, necessary bridge work. This is a responsible, progressive plan that will result in a safer and more enjoyable driving experience."

The Provincial Roads Improvement Program will create an estimated 1,400 person years of employment and is part of the Provincial Government�s infrastructure strategy, which is valued at $2.6 billion.


Media contact:
David Salter
Director of Communications
Department of Transportation and Works
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2008 03 14                                                   9:50 a.m.


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