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November 7, 2008

Simani Honoured for Musical Contribution

The Honourable Clyde Jackman, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation will present the Newfoundland and Labrador musical duo, Simani, with a Lifetime Achievement Award, at the Music Newfoundland and Labrador (MusicNL) awards show this weekend at the Gander Arts and Culture Centre.

The presentation will take place Sunday, November 9, at the closing event of MusicNL�s three-day conference and annual general meeting.

Minister Jackman said Bud Davidge and Sim Savory, the principals of Simani, have played an important role in the development of the province�s music industry and are well-deserving honourees. (See Backgrounder below)

"When it comes to Newfoundland and Labrador�s traditional and folk music scene, Mr. Davidge and Mr. Savory are considered pioneers," said Minister Jackman. "Their contribution to today�s vibrant music industry - both as Simani and as individual professionals within the industry - cannot be overstated, and I am honoured to be presenting them with a Lifetime Achievement Award."

Denis Parker, Executive Director of MusicNL, said the weekend is shaping up to be an excellent one for people involved in the music industry and for music fans.

"We are very excited to host the MusicNL conference and awards show in Gander this weekend and I encourage people to come out and take in some, or all, of the events planned," said Mr. Parker.

The Provincial Government, through the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, has invested $1.3 million in MusicNL�s operations and programs over the past five years. Increased investment provided through the province�s cultural strategy, Creative Newfoundland and Labrador (2006), has enabled more musicians to take advantage of programs to assist in recording and marketing musical product � as well as to access professional development opportunities.

MusicNL was incorporated in 1992 to address issues affecting the Newfoundland and Labrador music industry, to increase awareness of provincially-produced music, and to create and encourage opportunities which stimulate growth of the industry.

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Media contact:

Heather May
Director of Communications
Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation
709-729-0928, 697-5061


Simani Career Highlights

  • Bud Davidge is from English Harbour West, NL and Sim Savory is from Belleoram, NL.
    • Simani began performing in May 1977 and the group�s first recording was "Saltwater Cowboys" in 1981.

    • Simani is responsible for classics such as "The Mummers Song" and "Music and Friends".

    • Bud Davidge was the writer and singer of nearly all songs recorded by Simani. The group has a catalogue of about 200 original songs.

    • Simani performed until 1997 throughout Newfoundland and Maritimes.

    • Simani�s discography includes: Saltwater Cowboys, Heaven By Sea, Christmas Fancy, Outport People, Music and Friends, Chapel Walls, Home and Native Land, Promises, Some Things I Cherish, OOH Christmas Tree, Two For The Show, Ye Can�t Have Joe Smallwood, Favorites Collection (2008).

    • Bud Davidge�s solo albums include: There�s More to Christmas, and This Is My Father�s House.

    • Sim Savoury�s solo albums include: Sim�s Acoustic Favorites, Sim and Friends: Bottle Of Wine, and One Light.

    • Throughout his career and up until 2007, Sim Savory played in numerous local bands and, as a multi-talented musician, provided back-up music for local recordings at his studio in Belleoram.

    • In 2002, Simani received the East Coast Music Association�s Stompin� Tom Award for Pioneering in Music.

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