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February 29, 2008

Minister Urges Further Federal Commitment to Support Cupids400

The Honourable Clyde Jackman, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, today responded to the Federal Government�s announcement of funding to assist in the planning and construction of an interpretation centre in Cupids, which in 2010 will celebrate its 400th anniversary as the first English colony established in Canada.

"The $1.5 million announced by the Federal Government will merely complement the more than $2 million the Provincial Government has already committed to date to the Cupids400 anniversary project," Minister Jackman said. "It is still a far cry from the almost $7 million requested by Cupids400 Inc., the community-based organizing committee which has long-awaited a federal response to assist in their efforts to celebrate, and permanently commemorate, this significant provincial, national and international milestone."

Minister Jackman said the Provincial Government has advocated repeatedly over the past year on behalf of Cupids400 Inc. for federal funding for the interpretation centre, which will focus on the history of the community and region; house the literally thousands of artifacts uncovered at the 1610 John Guy Plantation archaeological dig site, and provide an additional anchor attraction to promote tourism and economic development in the Baccalieu Trail region.

"This is a step in the right direction," Minister Jackman said. "We are, however, awaiting further word from the Federal Government on a more substantial funding commitment that will enable Cupids to plan, promote, and celebrate its 400th anniversary in a manner which recognizes its rightful place in the history of this country."

The minister said that considering Quebec City was provided $110 million to celebrate the 1608 founding of the first French colony established in Canada, the $7 million requested for Cupids is not unreasonable.

"We recognize the historic importance of Quebec City and we wish that city every success with its 400th anniversary event," Minister Jackman said. "We believe, however, that the founding of the first English colony is of equal national significance and that the Federal Government should fund it accordingly."

The minister noted the 400th anniversary of Cupids is a unique opportunity to showcase to the world the rich history, heritage and culture which exists in Cupids and throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. The events around the 2010 celebrations in Cupids are projected to inject $15 million into the provincial economy and provide long-term tourism-related benefits to the town and the region.


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2008 02 29                                                     3:55 p.m.

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