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August 22, 2008

Funding Announced to Close Fogo Island Dumpsite

The Provincial Government is providing $541,742 to advance the provincial solid waste management strategy and to close the Fogo Island dump, the Honourable Dave Denine, Minister of Municipal Affairs, announced today.

"Of the total funding, $105,000 will be spent on the actual closure of the site," said Minister Denine. "An additional $436,742 has been allocated to construct a transfer station on the island that will allow for waste transfer to the interim disposal site in Gander."

A consultant contracted by the Central Newfoundland Waste Management Authority (CNWMA) is currently arranging for contractors to immediately begin the closure of the existing waste site.

Planning and design of the transfer station is expected to start immediately to allow for construction and full operation prior to the winter season, with an anticipated completion date by the end of the calendar year.

"The authority supports this direction as it meets the mandate of the central Newfoundland waste management strategy," said Allan Scott, Chair of the Central Newfoundland Waste Management Authority. "The majority of the funding for Fogo Island is to construct the first transfer facility that will become an integral part of central Newfoundland waste management facilities. The central strategy will see the construction of six additional transfer sites, with the main facility being built at the Norris Arm North intersection with the Trans Canada Highway. Our hope is to see Fogo Island become the first garbage-free zone in the province."

"The Fogo Island Regional Council is very pleased with the Provincial Government�s funding commitment," said Gerald McKenna, Chair of the Fogo Island Regional Council. "We are proud to be doing our part to advance the central waste management strategy and we thank the department for supporting us as we endeavor to become one of the first waste-free areas in the province."

"I am pleased that the Williams Government is supporting the Central Waste Management Authority, the regional council and the community councils in resolving this island-wide concern," said Derrick Dalley, MHA for the Isles of Notre Dame. "This funding fulfills the commitment made by the Provincial Government to pay 100 per cent of the costs associated with the closure of the Fogo Island site and the infrastructure costs associated with the transfer of future waste to the interim Gander disposal site. It is exciting that Fogo Island will soon claim to be a garbage-free island."

In May 2007, the Provincial Government announced implementation of the $200 million provincial waste management strategy, with a goal for full implementation by 2020. The strategy calls for full-service regional waste management facilities on the Avalon, Central and Western areas of the island portion of the province, and programs which will be developed for the zones in Labrador to meet the provincial waste management goals. Regional waste management authorities will be established in 15 waste management zones � 11 on the island portion of the province and four in Labrador.

"Not only is this in the best interest of the health and safety of area residents, but it is in line with the provincial waste management strategy, which will see a full-service regional waste management facility in the central area of the province by 2011," said Minister Denine.

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