Municipal Affairs
August 5, 2008

New Fire Truck Announced for St. Anthony

The Town of St. Anthony will receive a new fire truck, valued at $250,000, through funding from the Provincial Government.

"The Provincial Government made a commitment of $1.7 million for firefighting equipment through Budget 2008," said the Honourable Dave Denine, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister Responsible for Fire and Emergency Services � Newfoundland and Labrador. "This government remains committed to enhancing fire services throughout the province by contributing to projects such as fire truck acquisitions, equipment purchases and fire hall construction and repairs."

The funding is provided through the 2008-09 Municipal Capital Works Program. The new truck will be cost-shared at a 90/10 ratio between the province and the town, which will receive up to a maximum of $215,044 towards the purchase.

"The new truck will have a larger water carrying capacity, which will make it more efficient when responding to emergencies in St. Anthony and the surrounding area," said the Honourable Trevor Taylor, MHA for the Straits and White Bay North. "This is especially important in the winter months when water is not easily accessible. I am very pleased that this funding is being provided and at a cost-share ratio that makes this purchase more affordable for towns like St. Anthony."

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Media contact:

Bradley Power
Public Relations Specialist
Fire and Emergency Services � Newfoundland and Labrador
709-729-0857, 697-5216

2008 08 05                                                    11:00 a.m.

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