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June 9, 2008

Community Youth Network Comes to St. Alban�s and Area

The Provincial Government continues to place a strong focus on meeting the needs of youth with the latest expansion of the Community Youth Network (CYN) to St. Alban�s and the surrounding area. Today, the Honourable Shawn Skinner, Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, joined members of the local organizing committee to officially launch the new site.

"Young people have a vested interest in our communities and the Community Youth Network approach ensures they can get engaged and make a meaningful contribution," said Minister Skinner. "This is a great day for St. Alban�s and the surrounding area served by the new chapter and I am confident that it will result in more consistent delivery of programs and services for our youth."

In Budget 2008 the Provincial Government provided an additional $530,000 in funding to support the Community Youth Network and expand it to four new sites. In addition to St. Alban�s, young people in the communities and areas of Clarenville, Gander and Plum Point will also enjoy access to a local CYN chapter. Since 2007, the Provincial Government has committed $1.2 million for CYN expansion.

"The Community Youth Network will be a great asset for the youth of Bay d' Espoir. Local volunteers have been very active with our young people. This facility will enable them to continue to build upon local efforts to provide a safe, learning environment during the evenings, weekends and summer season," said Tracey Perry, MHA for the District of Fortune Bay - Cape La Hune. "I look forward to the development of programs that will see our youth become even more engaged with children, seniors, and the community-at-large, as well as the partnerships that will grow with the Community Youth Network in Harbour Breton."

A CYN enables youth to be engaged in programs and services that enhance their decision-making in regard to education and career planning. As well, a CYN offers young people the opportunity to build good social and inter-personal skills, engage in leadership development activities and participate in sport and leisure activities. This strengthens community life and fosters participation.

"In the past we have tried to provide programming at the youth centre, but it was sporadic in delivery, which left many gaps," said Elizabeth Organ, Youth Committee Chair. "However now, with this most welcomed and appreciated announcement of funding for a Community Youth Network, we will finally, solidify a consistent delivery of social, educational and recreational programming so critical to the youth of the Bay d� Espoir area."

"As part of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, our government is investing over $1.7 million in Budget 2008 for early intervention and targeted programs to support youth at risk," said Minister Skinner. "The expansion of the Community Youth Network to four new areas of the province provides more of our young people with the benefits of maintaining a positive connection to education and learning activities within their communities which helps to reduce the risk of poverty."

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