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November 5, 2008

Campaign Captures Ageless Contributions of Seniors in Newfoundland and Labrador

Ageless, a new campaign launched by the Provincial Government promotes positive images of aging and recognizes the contribution of seniors in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Honourable Ross Wiseman, Minister of Health and Community Services and Minister Responsible for Aging and Seniors, launched the campaign today at the Park Place Community Centre in Mount Pearl. He was joined by members of the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors and the Mount Pearl Seniors Independence Group.

"Every day, seniors are working, learning new skills, volunteering their time and supporting friends and families," said Minister Wiseman. "Their wisdom, skills and abilities are being felt in homes and communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. This campaign is about recognizing the incredible value of these ageless contributions and acknowledging their impact on society."

The Ageless campaign is based on the fact that ambition, involvement and participation in society can be lifelong activities. Using a series of posters, and print and radio ads, the campaign features local seniors actively engaged in their communities.

"It is our government’s vision to have a supportive, age-friendly province which enables seniors to live independently and experience good health and well-being," said Minister Wiseman. "Creating a culture of respect where we see the value and worth of seniors is critical to the development of healthy aging."

"Respect for seniors is often missing in our culture," said Leo Bonnell, chair of the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors. "This campaign promotes positive images and attitudes towards aging and accurately reflects the true merits of seniors in our communities."

The Ageless campaign is an initiative of the Provincial Healthy Aging Policy Framework. Launched in 2007, this policy framework outlines six priority directions together with a series of goals and actions to create an age-friendly province which supports seniors and recognizes their diversity and valuable contributions.

In addition to the healthy aging framework, the Provincial Government has supported seniors through a number of initiatives such as increasing the Low-Income Seniors’ Benefit, improving access to medications and affordable housing, reducing personal taxes, implementing the Provincial Wellness Plan and prohibiting age-based discrimination in employment and services.

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