Fisheries and Aquaculture
October 27, 2008

Processing Licence Transfers Announced for Conche and LaScie

The Provincial Government announced today that there will be a transfer of licences to Conche and LaScie. The announcement was made today by the Honourable Trevor Taylor, acting Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture. The Fish Processing Licensing Board recommended a crab licence for Conche and a shrimp licence for LaScie. These decisions follow a healthy public debate that clearly demonstrated the challenges of licensing decisions.

"I have approved a transfer of a shrimp licence from St. Joseph�s to LaScie and a transfer of a crab licence from Trouty to Conche", said Minister Taylor. "I have also accepted the licensing board�s recommendation that a licence not be approved for Englee. This is a balanced outcome for the respective stakeholders. It will see a more equitable regional distribution of processing activity."

These transfers are being done at the request of the proponents. Moving the licences to these new locations will provide for adjacency to the resource, reducing trucking of product and improved quality seafood. This meets the objective of ensuring sustainability of the industry. There will be significant positive community impacts on the northeast coast of the province.

"These transfers will keep the level of capacity where it is at present and further ensure that the capacity is in the right place for the industry," said the minister. "This is in keeping with our government�s stated policy on the need for capacity reduction under the Fishing Industry Renewal Strategy."

Historically in this province, people have looked to the Provincial Government and Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture to find solutions for issues related to processing licences. However, in this case the industry came forward with a solution that was to the benefit of all major stakeholders. This announcement is being made with the endorsement of the Fish Processing Licensing Board.

"Even five years ago this debate could not have taken place," said Minister Taylor. "Our government moved to put the necessary framework in place to deal with the overcapacity in the industry following the release of the Dunne Report. We then implemented the Fish Processing Licensing Board.

"I am pleased that we have avoided the adverse consequences of adding to capacity while at the same we are providing for a more stable industry," said the minister.

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