Executive Council
December 22, 2008

Regular Release of Ministerial Expense Reports Begins Today

In continuing to be open and accountable in the management of public finances, the Provincial Government is following through on its commitment to routinely release expense reimbursement reports for Cabinet ministers, with the first of these reports posted online today.

"Our government committed, in the interest of transparency and accountability, to making expense reimbursement reports for ministers readily available to the public on a regular basis, and we are doing exactly that from this point forward," said the Honourable Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. "This is another measure to ensure that ministers, along with all other Members of the House of Assembly, are subject to the highest level of accountability in claiming for expenses incurred while carrying out public duties."

These reports, which are in accordance with the Ministerial Expense Reimbursement Policies made public in December 2007, can be accessed on the Cabinet Secretariat website at //www.exec.gov.nl.ca/exec/cabinet/CS_Operations.htm or through departmental websites via links from individual ministers� pages.

The process for reporting ministers� expenses is similar to the one now in place for claims made by Members of the House of Assembly and are reflective of the principles of Chief Justice Derek Green�s Report, Rebuilding Confidence: The Report of the Review Commission on Constituency Allowances and Other Matters, which recognized that separate provisions are required to address the role of ministers.

Reports will be released twice per year (June and December) and will contain expenses for which ministers have received reimbursement. Expenses covered include those pertaining to such items as accommodations, automobile use, meals, travel and living expenses. Separate reports for parliamentary secretaries and parliamentary assistants are also posted.

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