Transportation and Works - 2007

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January 9
New Transportation Depot for Trans Labrador Highway 

January 11
Government Making Historic Investments in Provincial Roads

January 12
Labrador Ferry Service Extended an Extra 30 Days 

January 16
Minister Announces Schedule for 2007 Labrador Marine Coastal Service

January 17
$150 Million Targeted for Province�s Roads

January 19
PUBLIC ADVISORY: Apollo Ferry Service May Be Discontinued
Reservation System in Place Soon for Labrador Ferries

January 22
PUBLIC ADVISORY: Apollo Ferry Service Extended

January 23
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Service Cancelled

January 25
Government�s Snow-Clearing Funding Unprecedented


February 7
Ministers Concerned About Marine Atlantic Rate Increases

February 12
Government Moving Forward with New Health Centre for Labrador West

February 13
Close to $2M Earmarked to Improve Roads in Burin-Placentia West

Further Clean-up of Former Grace Hospital Site

February 16
Government Injects $1.5M in Windsor-Springdale Roads
Delegation Heading to Nunavut to Explore Potential Alliances in Areas of Mutual Interest

February 17
Province Looking for Shipyard to Build New Ferries

February 19
Cape St. Francis Will Receive $1.6M for Road Improvements

February 21
Ministers Encourage Drivers to Adjust for Winter Conditions

Government Welcomes Provider of Direct Trans-Atlantic Flights to Newfoundland and Labrador
Government Invests Over $1 Million in Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune Roads

February 23
Opportunities for Cooperation and Partnership Identified in Nunavut
Contract Awarded for Construction of Corner Brook Long-Term Care Facility

February 26
Close to $2.5 Million Announced to Improve Roads in St. Barbe Area


March 1
Bonavista North Roads Improved to the Tune of Nearly $3 Million

March 2
$1.42 Million Headed for Gander Roads
Government Invests Over Half a Million Dollars for Road Improvements in Grand Falls-Buchans

March 5
Government Hires Real Estate Broker to Sell Former Janeway Properties

March 8
Government Invests Nearly $2.7 Million in Trinity North Roads

March 9
$2 Million Headed for Roads in Bonavista South

March 12
Media Advisory: News Conference Regarding Provincial Ferry Rates
Government Delivers on Promise to Reduce Provincial Ferry Rates
Government Invests $3M in Trinity-Bay de Verde Roads

March 13
Public Advisory: Temporary Closure of Pitts Memorial North-Bound Lanes

March 14
Conception Bay East and Bell Island Roads Injected with $1 Million Funding

March 26
Over $2 Million En Route to Roads in Humber East

March 27
Better Roads and Bridges on the Horizon in Bellevue Area

March 28
Government Releases Consultation Document to Guide Vessel Replacement Plan

March 29
Better Roads Headed for Humber West


April 2
Road and Bridge Improvements Announced for Lake Melville

April 3
Straits Ferry Service to Resume Thursday

April 4
$2.9 Million Announced for Road Improvements in Lewisporte District

April 5
Government Invests a Further $10 Million in Provincial Roads

April 9
$2.5 Million Allocated for Road Projects in Exploits

Driving Conditions Not Affected by Annual Spring Layoff

April 10
$1 Million Announced for Road Improvements in Grand Bank District

April 13
Bay of Islands Receives $800,000 for Road Improvements

April 16
Ferryland Receives $2.3 Million for Road and Bridge Improvements

April 17
$2.2 Million Allocated for Road Work in Harbour Main-Whitbourne District

April 18
$1.45 Million Announced for Road and Bridge Improvements in Cartwright-L�Anse au Clair

April 26
Implementing Action to Modernize Infrastructure

April 27
$1.7 Million Announced for Road and Bridge Improvements for Terra Nova


May 1
Model of Province�s New Ferry Undergoes Testing

May 4
$1 Million Announced for Road Improvements in St. John�s

May 7
Over $1.5 Million for Road and Bridge Improvements in Kilbride District
Port au Port Area Will Receive $1 Million in Road Improvements

May 10
$800,000 Announced for Road Improvements in Topsail Area

May 11
New Bridge Included in Road Improvements for Humber Valley

May 15
Government Provides Additional Funding for Road Work in Grand Falls-Buchans

May 16
Road Safety Week Encourages Motorists to Drive Safely

May 17
Baie Verte Area Receives $3 Million for Road Improvements

May 22
$2.5 Million Announced for Road Improvements in Placentia & St. Mary�s

May 23
Road Repairs Announced for Carbonear-Harbour Grace and Port de Grave
Ministerial Statement - Government Addresses Labrador Transportation Issue

May 24
$1.5 Million Allocated for Road Improvements in Labrador West
Government of Canada and Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Partner to Support Construction of $10 Million Torbay Bypass

May 25
Government to Review Satellite Phone Service in Labrador

May 29
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Atlantic Provinces Transportation Forum


June 1
St. George�s-Stephenville East Receives More Than $4 Million for Road Work
Opening of Labrador Marine Season Postponed Due to Ice Conditions

June 4
$1 Million Announced for Road Improvements in Twillingate-Fogo

June 8
Public Advisory: Further Delay of Opening of Labrador Marine Season
Public Advisory: Delay in Availability of Williams Harbour-Norman Bay Ferry Service

June 15
Public Advisory: Continued Delay of Opening of Labrador Marine Season

June 18
Public Advisory: Williams Harbour-Norman Bay Ferry Service Resumes

June 19
Government Makes Improvements to Ferry Docks at Bell Island-Portugal Cove
Public Advisory: Sir Robert Bond to Begin Ferry Service on Friday

June 21
Public Advisory: Northern Ranger to Resume Southbound Labrador Service

June 22
Government Disappointed in Marine Atlantic Rate Increase

June 26
Media Advisory: Premier in Labrador For TLH Announcement and Sod Turnings

June 27
Media Advisory: Time Changed for Long-Term Care Home Sod-turning Ceremony, Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Government Invests $15 Million for Hard-Surfacing of Trans Labrador Highway
Premier Turns Sod on Happy Valley-Goose Bay Long-term Care Home

June 29
Transportation and Works Minister Meets with Counterpart from Nunavut
Government Hired Leading Expert to Provide Trans Labrador Highway Business Plan


July 6
More than $2.5 Million Announced for Road Improvements in Straits & White Bay North Area
Public Advisory: Northern Ranger and Astron to Service Makkovik and Postville

July 11
Conception Bay South Receives Over $1.2 Million for Road Improvements
Public Advisory: Northern Ranger and Astron Resume Full Service to Northern Labrador

July 18
Nicholsville One Step Closer to New Bridge

July 23
Province on Fast Track to Complete Road Work
Media Advisory: Ministers to Announce Awarding of Contracts for Health Projects in Grand Bank

July 24
Province Moving Forward on Two New Ferries
Contracts Awarded for Grand Bank Health Care Facilities

July 26
Media Advisory: Government To Present Antique Aircraft to Happy Valley-Goose Bay

July 27
Government Presents Antique Aircraft to Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

July 31
Public Advisory: Repairs to Washout on Burgeo Highway Nearing Completion and Road is Open


August 1
Public Advisory: Motorists Are Asked to Use Extreme Caution When Travelling Today
Public Advisory: Update on Road Conditions on Avalon and Burin Peninsulas

August 2
Public Advisory: Update on Road Conditions on Avalon and Burin Peninsulas

August 3
Public Advisory: Update on Road Conditions on Avalon Peninsula

August 8
Over $1 Million in Tender Awarded for College of the North Atlantic

August 16
Repairs Continue to Storm-Damaged Roads

August 20
Marine Branch Begins Move to Lewisporte

August 31
Government Disappointed with Air Canada�s Decision to End Transatlantic Flights


September 11
Public Advisory: New Location for Government�s Gander Offices

September 25
Provincial Government Takes Exception to Latest Marine Atlantic Rate Increase


October 17
Public Advisory: Closure Dates for Labrador Shipping Season Released


November 7
Transportation and Works Receives Award for Bridge Design and Construction

November 8
Transportation and Works Receives Award for Bridge Design and Construction
Williams Government Continues Efforts to Make Provincial Roads Safer

November 13
Government Awards Contracts for Northern Ranger and Sir Robert Bond

November 15
Clarenville and Marystown Shipyards to Bid on Ferry Construction


December 3
Motorists Reminded that Snow Means Slow

December 5
Public Advisory: Christmas Lights Across Canada Ceremony

December 6
Provincial Government to Invest in New Air Ambulance

December 7
Former Janeway Hospital to Be Demolished

December 13
Provincial Government Adds Extra Ferry Run for Labrador Christmas Travellers

December 14
Media Advisory: News Conference to Announce Infrastructure Agreement

December 17
Provincial and Federal Governments Sign $430 Million Infrastructure Agreement

December 18
Province Investing $430 Million in Infrastructure Agreement

December 19
Marine Atlantic Ferry Rate Increases Unacceptable to Provincial Government

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