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June 1, 2007

St. George�s-Stephenville East Receives More Than $4 Million for Road Work

Road crews will be busy in the St. George�s-Stephenville East area this summer as the Provincial Government will invest $4.2 million in road repairs. The Honourable John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works, today announced funding to improve roads in the area under the Provincial Roads Improvement Program of Budget 2007.

"People traveling throughout Newfoundland and Labrador rely on our government to ensure they experience good driving conditions," said Minister Hickey. "We realize that there is much work to be done to get our transportation system to where we want it to be and that is why we have made the substantial investment of $66.5 million in our roads program."

Road improvement projects planned for the District of St. George�s-Stephenville East are:

  • Resurfacing a section of Route 406, Doyles;
  • Upgrading and repaving a section of Loch Lomond Road beginning in St. Andrews towards Upper Ferry;
  • Upgrading and resurfacing a section of South Branch Road;
  • Resurfacing a section of Route 404, Jeffrey�s to Maidstone;
  • Resurfacing a section of Route 404, Jeffrey�s to Trans Canada Highway;
  • Repairing wheel rutting on Trans-Canada Highway, Fischells River to Crabbes River; and,
  • Constructing left turn lane on Trans-Canada Highway near Flat Bay.
  • "I am especially pleased with this year�s road work allocation," said the Honourable Joan Burke, MHA for the District of St. George�s-Stephenville East. "This year I formed a district committee focused on road improvements for the region. Together, we were successful in developing a five-year plan for district road work, which we presented to the Department of Transportation and Works. Today's announcement includes year one priorities along with an additional allocation for necessary work on the Trans-Canada Highway."

    "I would especially like to thank committee members and constituents who provided valuable feedback in the process," said Minister Burke. "In the past three years, we�ve seen significant improvements throughout the district and this year we will continue to make important gains."

    Minister Burke also pointed out that $6.1 million previously allocated under the Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund for repairs to the Trans-Canada Highway between Stephenville and Corner Brook from Pinchgut Lake to Southwest Bog will benefit motorists in her district as well.

    The new transportation depot at Doyles is also progressing. Tenders closed on Wednesday, May 30, 2007. An award is expected to be made in June once the bids are reviewed.

    The Provincial Government estimates the Provincial Roads Improvement Program creates 1,200 person years of employment, with 94 per cent of the work being done in rural areas. This is the second year of the six-year strategy for infrastructure improvements exceeding $2 billion.


    Media contact:
    David Salter
    Director of Communications
    Department of Transportation and Works
    709-729-3015, 691-3577

    2007 06 01                                                  9:15 a.m.


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