Transportation and Works
February 13, 2007

Close to $2M Earmarked to Improve Roads in Burin-Placentia West

Safer, smoother roads are just around the corner in Burin-Placentia West.

The Honourable John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works, today announced government will invest $1.96 million to improve roads in the area as part of its ongoing commitment to address the provincial infrastructure deficit and stimulate rural economies.

Government gave early approval of $60 million from the 2007-08 budget for the Provincial Roads Improvement Program this year - matching last year�s investment - once again enabling the tendering process and construction to begin earlier than usual.

"Last year�s pre-budget commitment allowed for the most effective roll-out ever of the Roads Improvement Program," said Minister Hickey.

"Virtually, all road work was completed as planned and therefore our innovative approach was embraced by the industry."

The following are the road improvements planned for Burin-Placentia West:

  • Replace culverts and resurface main road, Jean de Baie;
  • Upgrades and paving in Fox Cove � Mortier area;
  • Paving at Parkers Cove;
  • Paving at Baine Harbour;
  • Resurface Route 221 from end of previous paving project to Little Salmonier Bridge and from Black Duck Cove to Bayview Drive;
  • Upgrade walkways, South East Bight;
  • Resurfacing Marystown area, Marine Drive toward Little Bay;
  • Replace culverts, Petite Forte Road

The Honourable Clyde Jackman, MHA said, "On behalf of my constituents, I�m quite pleased to see nearly $2 million invested in roads in Burin-Placentia West. I�m sure by the end of the summer, this significant investment will be quite evident to local motorists and visitors alike."


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David Salter
Director of Communications
Department of Transportation and Works
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2007 02 13                                                 9:55 a.m.

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