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December 17, 2007

Provincial Government Begins Process of Implementing
Integrated Strategy for Displaced Plant Workers at Trouty

The Provincial Government has begun the process of implementing the Integrated Transition Strategy for displaced plant workers at Trouty by distributing information to the displaced workers. On November 15, the province announced that it had approved benefits for the displaced workers under the strategy. The province recently began the process of sending information on employment assistance measures to approximately 200 plant workers who were displaced when the Barry Group announced the closure of this plant.

"The Provincial Government will support the Trouty workers by providing much-needed employment support, while working to improve opportunities for future employment by providing transition employment counseling," said the Honourable Tom Rideout, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture. "In addition, we will work with industry, community groups and municipalities to help identify new opportunities that will help generate long-term sustainable employment."

The integrated strategy assists plant workers and regions impacted by permanent plant closures. Under this strategy, the fish plant workers will qualify for the following:

  • Short-term job creation measures, to the extent needed, to help workers qualify for Employment Insurance. Eligible individuals are entitled to up to a maximum of one 14-week rotation under the program, less any insurable hours they have already earned, to a maximum of 560 hours. The wage rate is $8.75 per hour. They can begin work on the project up to one year after the designation of the plant as permanently closed;
  • Transitional employment counseling services provided by the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, and Service Canada which includes counseling and, support services to help displaced workers develop an individualized transition plan and to assist workers prepare for retraining opportunities. Transition offices will be located in Bonavista and Trinity, and are scheduled to open in mid to late January 2008.
  • Additionally, as part of the integrated strategy, the Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development is intensifying its work with regional partners in the area to identify long-term economic diversification opportunities for the region. One element of this initiative is the availability of a transitional wage subsidy for small and medium-sized enterprises that are able to create new jobs to hire workers displaced by the Trouty plant closure.

    All former workers at the Trouty fish plant should receive an information package in the mail by the end of this week. If any workers do not receive an information package or if they require additional information or assistance, they are encouraged to contact the numbers below for information:

  • For information concerning employment support projects, the Department of Municipal Affairs at 1-866-508-5500.
  • For information on transition support services, the Department of Human Resources Labour and Employment at 1-888-632-4555, or Service Canada Bonavista Employment Assistance Services Office for information on Employment Insurance at 709-468-1200.
  • "We want to ensure that all those affected by the closure of the Trouty fish plant have the information concerning the support initiatives that have been put in place and how they can avail of programs," added Minister Rideout. "Trouty workers looking for additional information are encouraged to contact the appropriate Provincial Government department if they require assistance."

    The Integrated Transition Strategy for Displaced Plant Workers has been utilized in response to plant closures in Fortune, Marystown and Port aux Basques. To date, approximately $4.2 million has been paid out in program expenditures.


    Media contact:
    Lori Lee Oates
    Director of Communications
    Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
    709-729-3733, 690-8403  

    2007 12 17                                                    9:15 a.m.


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