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Human Resources, Labour and Employment
October 26, 2007

Red Tape Reduction Improving Efficiency and Services

The Red Tape Reduction Initiative continues to see Newfoundlanders and Labradorians benefit from a decreased number of regulatory requirements. Today, the Honourable Kevin O�Brien, Minister of Business, provided an update on the Provincial Government�s commitment to increased efficiency and improved service delivery.

"We have further reduced the number of regulatory requirements by 32,866, which means the elimination of an additional 11,651 requirements since April," said Minister O�Brien. "We have successfully reduced the regulatory burden by just over 10.5 per cent. This achievement puts us on the way to the halfway mark of our objective to reduce the number of regulatory requirements within government by 25 per cent."

The Red Tape Reduction Initiative continues to foster an environment where the Provincial Government is more aware of the impact of regulations on the people and businesses of Newfoundland and Labrador. For example, the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment is vigorously moving ahead with improving services to clients and increasing efficiencies by streamlining processes, decreasing administrative burden and introducing technological advancements.

"Human Resources, Labour and Employment has made significant strides this past year to ensure that unnecessary red tape is eliminated and client services are improved," said the Honourable Shawn Skinner, Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment. "Efforts will continue to make certain that the department meets its targets under the three-year regulatory reduction plan."

Another recent example of the Provincial Government�s ongoing commitment to improving the business environment and client services throughout Newfoundland and Labrador resulted when the Public Utilities Board engaged in an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process with the province�s Consumer Advocate and Newfoundland Power. The ADR process, which has also been used with Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, essentially streamlines the regulatory process and costs, resulting in potential benefits for both the utility and the consumer.

"As a regulated utility, Newfoundland Power observes that the overall efficiency of rate regulation has improved in recent years, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution process we participated in with the Consumer Advocate, facilitated by the Public Utilities Board, is a welcome example of that increased efficiency," said Earl Ludlow, president and CEO Newfoundland Power. "This development has improved the cost efficiency associated with utility regulation, which is ultimately paid by electricity consumers."

"These examples clearly show that the Red Tape Reduction Initiative is translating into improved services to clients and businesses," said Minister O�Brien. "I extend congratulations to departments, agencies, boards and commissions and the red tape reduction team within the Department of Business for our success to date. The hard work and dedication of all government employees involved will see us soon reach our goal of a regulatory regime that is efficient, flexible and transparent while maintaining high regulatory standards."


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2007 10 26                                  11:05 a.m.


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