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March 1, 2006
(Transportation and Works)

Government extends contract with Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited

Trevor Taylor, Minister of Transportation and Works, today announced that the department has exercised an option to extend the helicopter services contract with Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited for one year. The cost of the extension is $2 million.

"Universal Helicopter Services are reliable, they have equipment and personnel that are based in this province," said Minister Taylor. "And they responded with the lowest bid price."

Government uses helicopters for many regular or emergency services including medical evacuations and clinic support, forest fire surveillance and suppression, aerial searches, survey and mapping and personnel transport.

The contract calls for specific helicopters to be based at strategic locations throughout the province for the exclusive use of the province with a guaranteed minimum number of flying hours. The contract also ensures that helicopters will be available when and where they are needed at a given time and secures the service at a reduced rate, compared to as needed booking.

Media contact: Dave Salter, Communications, (709) 729-3015, 691-3577

2006 03 01                            10:45 a.m.

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