Natural Resources
December 7, 2006

Minister Accepts Resignation of CEO of Bull Arm Site Corporation

The Honourable Kathy Dunderdale, Minister of Natural Resources, today announced that she has received and accepted the resignation of the president and CEO of the Bull Arm Site Corporation, Joan Cleary.

Ms. Cleary�s resignation was requested as a result of concerns over the manner in which work involving the winterization of the site was awarded.

"I am confident that there was no intentional wrongdoing or political interference in relation to the awarding of this contract, however, during the rush to get this work complete before winter set in the proper process under the Public Tender Act was not followed," Minister Dunderdale said. "This government takes the Public Tender Act very seriously and under the circumstances I felt I had no choice but to ask for Ms. Cleary�s resignation. We appreciate the work Ms. Cleary has done up to this point and we wish her well in the future."

A review of recent contracts awarded by the corporation is being conducted by the Department of Natural Resources, at the request of the minister, as a result of oversights that were made during the award of a recent contract to replace the guard house at the site.

"The proper process was followed under the Public Tender Act, however, administrative and policy requirements of government were overlooked, which I took very seriously and which prompted me to ask for the broader review," the minister said. "This government committed to openness, transparency and accountability, especially in light of the legacy of the previous administration with lawsuits related to violations of the Public Tender Act. When instances of proper process are uncovered, whether intentional or not, this government will take appropriate action."


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Department of Natural Resources
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2006 12 07                                                   5:35 p.m.

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