Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs
October 26, 2006

Tender Awarded for Preliminary Site Work at Mealy Mountain Auditorium

Government is moving forward with construction of the $4 million Mealy Mountain Auditorium.

The Honourable John Hickey, Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs and MHA for Lake Melville, announced today that the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay has awarded a tender contract to North Link Construction Limited to surcharge the site.

"Residents of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and all Labradorians for that matter, are anxiously awaiting the day we will finally have our own performing arts space," said Minister Hickey.

"With this announcement, we will begin to see the first construction work being done on the site after a busy summer of planning and design. Building the Mealy Mountain Auditorium is yet another promise fulfilled by this government."

As part of the surcharging process, large amounts of sand will be placed over the building site to expedite the settlement and allow for construction to start in late spring 2007.

Adjacent to Mealy Mountain Collegiate, the auditorium will provide Labradorians with a first-class facility befitting their rich arts and cultural fabric.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayor Leo Abbass says he is pleased to see movement on the project and applauds government�s assertive approach.

"I�m delighted to see that the construction process will start and the partnership we have forged with the Provincial Government will ensure this badly-needed home for the arts will come into fruition," said Mayor Abbass.

In March, the Provincial Government committed $1.9 million to fund construction and is confident further federal funding will be approved in the near future.

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