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July 19, 2006
(House of Assembly)

Auditor General to conduct further audits

Following a meeting of the Internal Economy Commission and conversations with the Auditor General, Speaker Harvey Hodder announced today that, in accordance with Section 16(1) of the Auditor General Act, the Auditor General has asked for and received cabinet direction to conduct comprehensive annual audits of the accounts of the House of Assembly from fiscal years 1999/2000 to 2003/04. Furthermore, the Auditor General will be asked to review constituency allowance expenditures between 1989 and 2004 further to the Morgan Commission report to determine whether overspending occurred at the constituency level beyond which was approved, authorized or provided for through Internal Economy Commission policies.

Speaker Harvey Hodder met with the Auditor General on the afternoon of Monday, July 17, and has been assured that the Auditor General is prepared to accept the new audit assignments.

�I believe that these additional audit requests will serve the public interest,� said Mr. Hodder. �Trust and confidence is fostered where public disclosure and transparency permeates the principles upon which public funds are received and where the expectation of public accountability and disclosure is understood and practiced. I look forward to the completion of this important work by the Auditor General.�

Media contact: Harvey Hodder, Speaker of the House of Assembly, (709) 729-3404

2006 07 19                                                3:30 p.m.

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