Environment and Conservation
November 24, 2006

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

The Honourable Clyde Jackman, Minister of Environment and Conservation, has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.


(1) Shallop Cove Peatland Development                                                         (Reg. 1303)
Proponent: Stephenville Peat Moss Ltd.

The proponent proposes to develop a 168 hectare peatland, located approximately 1.5 kilometres southeast of Shallop Cove, in Western Newfoundland. Access to the site is via an existing all-season haulage road extending southwest from Route 461. The development will entail the construction of primary and secondary drainage ditches. The end use is for the horticultural peat market. The staged development is tentatively scheduled to start in May 2007. The undertaking was registered on November 23, 2006; public comments are due by December 29, 2006; and, the minister's decision is due by January 7, 2007.

(2) Grassy Point (Placentia Bay) Liquefied Natural Gas Transshipment Terminal
Proponent: Newfoundland LNG Ltd.                                                                       (Reg. 1304)

The proponent proposes to construct a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Transshipment and Storage Terminal near the head of Placentia Bay at Grassy Point, Arnold´┐Żs Cove. The transshipment terminal will provide storage and offloading for larger LNG vessels for transfer to smaller LNG carriers for distribution to Northeastern US and Canada. The purpose of the project is to provide cargo transfers and for the short and long-term storage of natural gas (primarily methane) in its super-cooled liquid state. The project will involve construction of a wharf comprised of three jetties with berthing capacity for LNG tankers up to 265,000 cubic metres capacity (345 metres long), eight LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic metres each, a tug boat basin, and supporting infrastructure including an access road, office facilities and security fencing. The undertaking was registered on November 23, 2006; public comments are due by December 29, 2006; and, the minister's decision is due by January 7, 2007.

The minister encourages all interested parties to become involved and to make comments known. Comments on submitted documents are invited from the public, addressed in writing to the minister, and are welcome prior to the deadline date shown.


Sunny Hollow Campground (Robinsons)                                                         (Reg. 1288)
Proponent: Mr. Boyd Morris

The minister has released the above project from further environmental assessment, subject to the following condition:

  • Preparation and implementation of an approved Buffer Zone Plan for that part of Robinsons River adjacent to this development, in consultation with Wildlife Division.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Director of Environmental Assessment at 709-729-4211 or toll-free: 1-800-563-6181 or by mail to:

Director, Environmental Assessment Division
Department of Environment and Conservation
West Block, Confederation Building
P.O. Box 8700, St. John's, NL, A1B 4J6

Environmental assessment information is on the government web site at //www.gov.nl.ca/env

2006 11 24                                                     3:30 p.m.

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