Environment and Conservation
November 8, 2006

Public Advisory: Main Gut Railway Trestle near Stephenville Crossing Closed

The public is advised that the Main Gut railway trestle near Stephenville Crossing is closed to all pedestrian, ATV, snowmobile and vehicular traffic until further notice.

Recent inspections by engineers from the Department of Transportation and Works have determined that while the trestle is not in imminent danger of failure, in the interest of public safety the trestle should remain closed until further studies can be carried out to determine the trestle�s overall condition.

The superstructure of the trestle is heavily rusted and there appears to have been movement in the trestle pier and bearings. Underwater inspection by divers will be required to determine the condition of the trestle.

The Department of Environment and Conservation is in the process of erecting barricades and caution and warning signs at both approaches to the trestle.

The trestle, which was formerly part of Canadian National Railway, is now part of the T�Railway Provincial Park.

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Media contact:
Diane Hart
Director of Communications
Department of Environment and Conservation
709-729-2575, 685-4401

2006 11 08                                                   12:45 p.m.

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