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August 8, 2006
(Environment and Conservation)

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

Environment and Conservation Minister Clyde Jackman has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.


(1) Bishops Falls South Mink Fur Farm Expansion                                                      (Reg. 1280)
Proponent: Champion Furs Ltd.

The proponent proposes to expand the existing 300 female breeder mink fur farm to 1,500 female breeder mink. The farm is located on the eastern side of the Bay d´┐ŻEspoir Highway (Route 360), approximately 1.5 kilometres south of the Trans Canada Highway, near Bishops Falls South. The proposed expansion will produce approximately 7,500 kits annually. Construction will include two new sheds/barns (60 metres long by nine metres wide) for housing the mink and a manure storage pad on the 10 acre site. Construction of the sheds is proposed to start in October 2006. The undertaking was registered on August 7, 2006; public comments are due by September 12, 2006: and, the minister's decision is due by September 21, 2006.

(2) Stephenville Paper Mill Site Decommissioning                                                (Reg. 1281)
Proponent: Abitibi-Consolidated Company of Canada

The proponent proposes to decommission and rehabilitate the pulp and paper mill site in Stephenville. The infrastructure and physical features to be decommissioned include: the main pulp and paper mill building including steam plant, maintenance shops and administration offices; paper storage sheds; effluent treatment facilities and pipelines; wood yard; industrial landfill systems on the east side of Route 490; hydrocarbon bulk fuel storage facilities; fuel and process storage tanks; water and sewage systems; transformers and other electrical equipment, etc. A summary of the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I work is also included. The decommissioning of the site is scheduled to commence in 2006 and is tentatively scheduled to be completed by 2008. The undertaking was registered on August 7, 2006; public comments are due by September 12, 2006: and, the minister's decision is due by September 21, 2006.

The minister encourages all interested parties to become involved and to make comments known. Comments on submitted documents are invited from the public, addressed in writing to the minister, and are welcome prior to the deadline date shown.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Director of Environmental Assessment at (709) 729-4211 or toll-free: 1-800-563-6181 or by mail to:

Director, Environmental Assessment Division
Department of Environment and Conservation
West Block, Confederation Building
P.O. Box 8700, St. John's, NL, A1B 4J6

Environmental assessment information is on the government web site at //

2006 08 08                                                               4:10 p.m.

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