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February 23, 2006
(Environment and Conservation)

Minister releases Recovery Strategy for endangered Low Northern Rockcress

Environment and Conservation Minister Tom Osborne announced today the release of a recovery strategy for the endangered Low Northern Rockcress.

"The strategy outlines a series of actions necessary to ensure the long-term survival of the species," said Minister Osborne. "As the Low Northern Rockcress occurs at only one location, protection of that site will be the primary management action. The province will be working closely with the landowner of the property and the federal government to ensure the survival of the species. Other actions will include surveying nearby potential areas where the Low Northern Rockcress may occur and learning more about the species."

The Low Northern Rockcress is a small plant which occurs at only one location in the province and is listed as endangered since December 2004. "Under the Endangered Species Act there is a requirement for the release of recovery and management plans for vulnerable, threatened and endangered species," noted Minister Osborne. The Limestone Barrens Species at Risk Recovery Team oversaw the preparation of the recovery strategy.

Minister Osborne noted that there are an additional eight management plans and two recovery strategies in preparation. "These documents will be available by July 2006 if not sooner," said the minister.

The minister, as permitted under the Endangered Species Act, is granting an extension to those plans now due for release. "The development of these plans has proven to be a complex process which involves other jurisdictions and stakeholders," said Minister Osborne. "Further time is required to ensure the plans are properly developed and that stakeholders are appropriately involved and consulted."

Minister Osborne advised that management plans are underway for the Banded Killifish, Barrow�s Goldeneye, Boreal Felt Lichen, Fernald�s Milk-vetch, Harlequin Duck, Ivory Gull, Polar Bear and Short-eared Owl. Recovery strategies are also being developed for the Red Crossbill and Porsild�s Bryum.

For more information on endangered species or highlights from the recovery strategy for the Low Northern Rockcress, contact Joe Brazil, Senior Manager, Endangered Species and Biodiversity at (709) 637-2356 or visit the department�s Web site at //

Media contact: Tina Coffey, Communications, (709) 729-5783, 728-8650

2006 02 23                         10:20 a.m.

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